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Excerpt from “SAVING AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL” by J. Pelegrin


I believe our Founding Fathers did not evaluate the perils of the only religion that is not compatible with the rest.  

We must understand that the communications in the 17th Century were far from what we enjoy now and in my belief, although the Founding Fathers were brilliant people, well versed in many subjects, could have missed certain aspects on the other side of the Oceans.  Although the Muslim invasions were widely known, it is possible that they've mistaken the philosophical core of the Islamic world, their intentions, and goals.

At that time, Philosophy was an elite's subject and not always taking into account politically or socially.

The early modern era of Western Philosophy was developed in the 17th Century and only in the 18th century became the beginning of the Enlightenment.  Then,  the reason became celebrated as the primary source of authority and legitimacy.

However, at the time the Constitution of 1776 was written, North America had other kinds of problems that one could assume clouded the minds of the Founding Fathers, as far as the constant danger of the Islam and its invader's nature.

As I wrote before, the communications were somehow rudimentary, and the pressures of civil wars, the conquest of the new Land and the fusion with the Indigenous people culture, could've missed some issues.

A famous Alexander Hamilton phrase was written to help President Washington draft his Farewell Address: "And let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion. ".  This is a thought, of course, emphatically rejected by the Islam.

The quote shows the intention to keep the State separate from religion.  But, maybe at that time, nobody could've imagined the possibility of the existence of the Islamic Radical Terrorists, nor the intention to see a reality of the Islam questioning the same document they wrote and became the Constitution of the United States of America.

Religion is part of our Nation, of our roots and it is a necessary tool for many people that without it would be lost in an ocean of brave waters, helpless and solitary.

Religion is the wood board floating on the sea, in the middle of the storm, ready to help us to reach the firm land.

If people do not have a religion, for many of them life will become desperate.

We should not dismiss the value of it just because a bunch of self-proclaimed religious leaders that use the people's faith for their enrichment or to finance their lavish lives.

Those are false prophets but unfortunately there are too many of them.

So I insist that there be a possibility that the Founding Fathers did not see the problems that the Islam's obsession with the  World Domination brings,  even at present.

That is why I keep insisting that the People find out the reality, by educating themselves learning the World History.

In the next chapter 3, I'll present a resume of the main facts that show the continuous attempt by the Islam, to subdue the whole World population to their will, something that they keep insisting at present thru the establishment of the different Islamic Terrorists Groups.

In contrast with Hamilton's benevolence towards the Islam, Thomas Jefferson engaged in a battle with the Muslims, but not as a Holy War, but a "Trade War" called "The Barbary Wars" that were primarily about trade and not theology, although that is part of the Islam's strategy to dominate.  They breach thru the merchants to follow with the attempted religious domination by the sword.

However, they were considered an extension of the America's independence war and not a holy war.

This behavior also confirms that the Islam, since the beginning was not only a religion but a combination of it and a political system with totalitarian intentions and World domination thru the military to achieve a religious enslaving at the end.

The Islam always used the trade, merchants, missionaries and the Pirates of Tunis and Tripoli to extort America and make them pay tributes and taxes to allow them to have a foot on the region's trade.

Many Americans, John Adams among them, made the case that it was better and cheaper to pay tributes to the Muslim than the loss of business.

The exorbitance, greed, and intransigence of the Barbary States were so cruel that demanded a 10% of the America's national budget. 

However, there was no assurance that their greed would not increase that percentage, nor that the Muslim Pirates would stop attacking merchant and passenger ships taking Americans hostages.

In May 1801, Yusuf Karamanli, the Pasha of Tripoli, declared war on the United States.

These are only tokens of our brushes with the Islam in different issues.

It is not needed to name them since their notoriety is a daily fact of life.

I said the above, not as a criticism of those larger than life individuals, our Founding Fathers, but as a fact that maybe we should also consider as human beings, plain mortals.

These days, the Muslims publicly vow to exterminate the State of Israel, the United States of America and the rest of the Countries around the World that refuse to convert to the Islam.

They have been doing it for 1,400 years.  See the History. 

In some places, they succeeded and in some others, they were rejected, but they relentlessly keep trying over and over, expecting to find a crack in the society they target, to hammer the last stroke to conquer them and enslave them.

The Muslims can not be trusted.  It is a historical fact.

Some World Leaders like Vladimir Putin, have a clear understanding of what I just wrote, and they have imposed strict rules limiting the permanence of Muslims inside Russia limiting their religious activities to a minimum.  

Vladimir Putin has established that "we don't need the Islam.  They need us" and "If you want to live among us, you must speak our language, do what we do, live the life the way we do."

Alternatively, "If you want to practice the Islam, you should go live in the countries that allow that, but not here in Russia".

At the same time, they are continuously checking their reunion places and their data as well as their movements inside the Country.

Unfortunately, our current political leaders, occupied with observing the absurd "Political correctness" don't have a clue, and they keep open up our Country to the dangers of a slow but sure Islamic invasion already in motion by the sponsoring of Barak Hussein Obama. 

Our politicians are still living in the past when the World was different, and America was a healthy and prosperous Nation.

Unfortunately, they refuse to adjust to the new World deal, that mirrors the old World of invasions, conquers and abuse of the weakest groups of people by the military strongest ones.

Now our debt just duplicated by Obama is so bad that our Treasury became a piece of paper of no value.

Reagan inherited the Iran crisis that he resolved as soon as he took the office, but once again, because of our Constitutional First Amendment, he did not limit their movements, something that a few years later we had to lament the Islamic attack on the Twin Towers with the well known terrible results.

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