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(The evil plan to destroy the USA, As we know it!)

(Revision 2)


J. Pelegrin





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Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson, appointed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, wrote in the foreword of the book “Law in the Middle East” (1955): “Islamic Law offers the American lawyer a study in dramatic contrasts.  Even casual acquaintance and superficial knowledge reveal that its striking features relative to our law are not likenesses but inconsistencies, not similarities but contrarieties.  In its source, its scope, and its sanctions, the law of the Middle East is the direct opposite of Western law.”




The 'Free Exercise Clause' of our Constitution states that Congress cannot "prohibit the free exercise" of religious practices. The Supreme Court of the United States has consistently held, however, that the right to free exercise of religion is not absolute.

For example, in the 19th century, some of the members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints traditionally practiced polygamy, yet in Reynolds v. United States (1879), the Supreme Court upheld the criminal conviction of one of these members under a federal law banning polygamy.  The Court reasoned that to do otherwise would set a precedent for a full range of religious beliefs including those as extreme as human sacrifice.


The court stated that "laws are made for the government of actions, and while they cannot interfere with mere religious belief and opinions, they may do it with practices." for example, if one were part of a religion that believed in vampirism, the first amendment would protect one's belief in vampirism, but not the practice.






However, in my mind hangs the idea of why, in 1801, the Muslim, who are Islamists, engaged in a war with the United States and it was contested by two Presidents, why now, our Judges are defending a consuetudinary foe that continues to decimate our people and attempting to defy our Constitution and Lifestyle?

I am no Constitutional Lawyer, but it makes common sense that we have to revise our Constitutional Laws and to be more Patriots, rather than continue to defend others in detriment of our people.


J. Pelegrin






17-My Intention In Writing This Book.

17-An Insane Witch-Hunt

20-The Democratic Party Started A Witch Hunt.

23-Some Background Information.

29-The Danger Ahead.



31-The Election That Changed The World.

31-Liberals Messing With Education.

31-The Alliance.

36-The Deep State is in full motion.

39-Hollywood/Nazi Connection During The Depression.

43-The California Chaos.

43-Political Correctness

41-Education community is, part of the Liberal's agenda.

42-Today's Education Fiction.

46-Defining The Postmodernism.

48-The New Liberal Education Mentality.

49-Defending the feelings of the student. 

49-The Teacher's Complaints.

50-The Free Speech No Longer Available.

51-Today's Leftist Campuses.

52-The Campuses Safe Spaces.

53-The dangerous alliance with Islam. 

54-The Resist Movement.

55-A Genderless Society?

56-Everybody Gets A Medal?



59-The Strategy.

59-The Postmodern Liberal Movement In Action:

59-Their Plans To Destroy Western Civilization.

59-Where the Postmodern Liberal Movement is pushing to do the most damage.

62- Mainstream Media Obsession Trying To Defeat Trump.

65-Co-Existence But With An Order.

67-Here We Are Now:

68-The Postmodern Liberal Movement Chronology.

75-The White Male Supremacy Syndrome.

75-The Sanctuary Cities And Illegal Immigration.

79-The Trump Era.

79-The Different Fronts Against Trump.  False Accusations.

79-Hillary's Many Delinquent Acts.

83-Postmodern Liberalism Ties With The Left.

83-The Merging Of Ideologies.


87-CHAPTER 3        

87-Postmodern Liberalism Ties With The Left.

87-The Merging Of Ideologies.

87-Vedic Knowledge.

88-The Mutation Of The Left.

89-Technology Advances Changed Communism.

94-The U.S.S.R. Influence In Latin America.

96-The Consistent Failure Of Communism

92-The Lenin Decalogue.

94-The Disastrous Obama's Legacy.

101-Obama Was Pushing Liberalism And Islamism.

103-The Postmodern Liberal's Plans.

104-Philosophy, The New Weapon In the GOP Strategy!

107-Political Correctness, A Mental Illness?

107-The European Debacle.


111-CHAPTER 4      

111-The Difficult US Relationship With The Islam.

111-Obama Lied: Islam Has Never Been At War With USA. 

114-Obama Shows his Liberal Credentials.

116-A Smart Speech Made the Difference.

117-The Eternal Conflict with the Islam.

118-Islam's Goal: Establishment Of A World Caliphate.

119-Abd Al Rahman's Warning.

120-The Jefferson Resistance.

121-President Madison Finally Ended Muslim Extortion.

121-Education About The Past Is A Must.

123-The United States Ready To Combat Islam?

125-Need Revising Islam Status Before The Constitution.

128-The Differences In The Scriptures

129-We Must Find A Constitutional Compromise!

131-Postmodern Liberals Want A Godless Society!

134-Insanity Continues.


137-CHAPTER 5      

137-The Postmodern Liberal Movement Is Born.

137-The Democratic Party Metamorphosis.

139-The Conservatism Ideal Keeps The Balance.

140-The "Resist" Fallacy.

141-The Personal Hatred Against Donald J. Trump.

143-The Snowflake's Complaints

144-The Vedic Philosophy Teachings.

144-The Genders.

147-The Lousy Obama's Political Legacy.

149-The In-House Enemy. 

149-The “Never Trumpers.”

151-The Democratic Party In Denial.

151-The Radical Left.

153-The Mainstream Media Fake News.

154-What The Democratic Party and Postmodern Liberals Want.

158-A Mental Disorder.



161-Will Postmodern Liberalism Succeed?

161-What Is The Strategy?

164-The "Resist" Liberal Anthem.

164-The Materialistic Fantasy.

167-The Transgender Illusion.

169-The War Against The Western Civilization.

175-Jesus Christ Learning The Vedas?

176-The Great Western Civilization.

178-Democrats Need To Find An Identity.

178-A Better Deal?

181-Fierce Battle Between Traditions And Postmodernism.

182-The family Is Against A Genderless Society.



187-Postmodern Liberals /Islam, The Constitution's Enemy.

187-Can They Be Stopped.

189-The Islamic Laws Are Clashing With Our Constitution

189-Especially With The Postmodern Liberal Ideology.

197-Some Additional Facts, Highly Controversial.

199-Use Of The Koran Incompatible With Our Constitution.

201-The Unholy Tie: Postmodern Liberalism/Islam.

202-Identity Politics, A Failed Strategy.

204-The Inevitable Talk Involving The Islam.


207-CHAPTER 8      

207-The World's Twenty-One Century New Reality.

207-Postmodern Liberalism Task: "Destroy Trump."

210-Postmodern Liberalism Clearing The Way For Islam.

210-The Koran Is Against The US Constitution.

214-A Few Constitutional Issues To Be Considered.

214-The 'Free Exercise Clause' of our Constitution.

215-Three Quotes From The Koran: A Warning Sign.

215-The Lincoln Assassination.  A Reminder.

216-Islam Never Keeps A Promise.

217-Islam's Renaissance In The Twenties Century.

219-Why Is Liberalism Partnering With Islamic Theocracy?

219-Liberals Trying To Establish Political Correctness.

221-Creation Vs. Evolution.

221-The Postmodern Liberal's Alliance.

224-The Validity Of The Vedas.

227-The Big Bang.

228-The Expansion Of The Universes.

229-Famous Personalities Comments On The Vedas.

231-Some Scientific Facts About The Universes.

232-Darwin Theories:  Do They Fit?

233-The Conditions Of Matter.



235-Changes, That Began In The Obama Administration.

235-The Establishment Of The Postmodern Liberalism. 

240-Before We Get To The End.

240-A Word From The Author.

243-Postmodern Liberals And The Drug Culture.

248-The Postmodern Liberal Movement In Action:

248-Their Plans To Destroy Western Civilization.

249-Violence is their only way.

250-The Postmodern Liberal Movement's Alliance:

251-Here We Are Now.

252-Black Lives Matter.

252-Who Are The Bullies?

253-The Real Fascists: "Antifa."

254-The Mainstream Media Help The Cause.

255-Hollywood Revenues were losing 70% In The Last Year.

257-The Influence Of The Social Media Changed Our Lives.

258-What Lies Ahead.

260-The Islamic Devastating Menace.


265-CHAPTER 10

265-A "Witch Hunt" Against the President

265-Russia, Russia, Russia.

265-Racism, Racism, Racism.

265-Unbalanced, Unbalanced, Unbalanced

265-Unfit, Unfit, Unfit To Be President.

270-The Precious time wasted by GOP Congress People.

271-Postmodern Liberalism Clearing The Way For Islam?

258-A Difficult Task.



279-CHAPTER 11

279-The Author’s Additional Comments.

279-The State Of The Union.

279-The Trump Reality.

279-At Last, The Witch-Hunt Ended!

280-The Other Side Of The Isle.

283-A Connection Made In Hell.

287-What Merriam-Webster Dictionary Says Of Liberalism:

288-Ideologies that helped construct our World Society:

290-The USA Is In A Total Political Distress.

292-The End.




17-My Intention In Writing This Book.

First of all:

The Liberal Movement, in my opinion, has mutated into what I call now: Postmodern Liberalism. The mutation occurred throughout many years of evolution, accelerated by the result of the last 2016 election, where The Democrat Party collapsed and fell out of strong leadership. The Liberals stepped on the gas and taking advantage of the situation, pushed their agenda, entirely leaning to the left, dragging with it, The Democrat Party. 

They also introduced the idea of seeking a convenient alliance with the Islamist, fighting a common enemy: The Conservatives in the GOP. 

We will see the connotations of this coalition later in the chapters, as well as the discussion of the Islamist incongruences, and irreconcilable differences with our Constitution and Lifestyle.

The new Postmodern Liberalism, a much radical approach of the Liberalism we all knew and probably argue with, has mutated into a very different animal. However, in many cases, something interesting came out of those discussions, enriching some aspects that helped to change the traditions of our community. The newly


adopted style brings a violent attempt going to uncharted territories, where the typical lifestyle of our society is being breached, making many people feeling uncomfortable and displeased with such changes.

So, the Democrats have entered in a coalition integrated by the Democrat Party, Liberals, Mainstream Media, The Left, Washington Establishment, Hollywood Elite, Deep State and the LGBTQ, which became, in my opinion, the Postmodern Liberalism. 

Together, they are pushing the most extreme anti-Conservative sexual craze.  An attempt to live the life based on sexual preferences is a silly idea against common sense.

In an unfortunate attempt to challenge President Trump, the alliance is now defending issues like the MS-13 (as Speaker Pelosi said, praising them as similar to our grandparents arriving in the US, an absurd comparison. They are promoting illegal immigration as a way to enroll new voters.  They are Instituting Sanctuary States (protecting criminal aliens,) they want a borderless country, allowing immigrants from Islamic terrorist places to freely enter the US.  They want to increase taxes and undo the recent Trump Administration tax cuts, that allowed corporations and their parked capitals in foreign countries, as well as other issues that in the past were condemned by The Democrat Party when it used to be of a centrist, although progressive ideology.

Immediately after the election, they implemented a witch-hunt after Donald J. Trump. 

Now we just learned that during the Campaign, the FBI, under the Obama Administration led by John Brennan, and James Comey; one hundred days before the election, placed a spy inside Trump’s campaign and maybe more.   Stephan Halper, a US citizen, a Cambridge University professor with residence in the UK, was one of them.  The other "informant(s)," remain unknown at this time. The placing of the Mole was inspired by “Code Name Crossfire Hurricane: The Secret Origins of the Trump Investigation,” as the New York Times recently published.  Sources affirmed Professor Halper was paid one Million dollars thru the US Department of Defense.

Extensive surveillance of the Trump campaign affiliates led to several interviews at the Trump Towers with active members.

our society is being violated, causing many to feel uncomfortable and upset with such changes. Thus, the Democrats have entered into a coalition composed of the left, the Establishment of Washington, the Hollywood elite, the Deep State and the LGBTQ, which in my opinion became the banner of Postmodern Liberalism and its speculative mental guide. Together, they are forcing the most extreme anti-conservative sexual fad. The attempt to live a life based on sexual preferences is a crazy idea, against common sense. In an unfortunate attempt to fight President Trump, the alliance is now defending issues such as the MS-13 (In the words of Speaker Pelosi, praising them as similar to our grandparents who came to the US, an absurd comparison. They are promoting illegal immigration as a way to register new voters in The Democrat Party and institute sanctuary states (to protect illegal aliens.) Democrats want a country without borders thus allowing illegal immigrants, including the recent "caravans," started in Central America, integrated by tens of thousands of illegal immigrants trying to cross our borders and request asylum, or just stay in our country illegally, abusing flaws in our immigration laws, which the Democrats refuse to amend for political reasons. Thus allowing also, to let an increasing number of Islamic terrorists entering the country freely. They also seek to raise taxes and dismantle the recent tax cuts of the Trump Administration, which have encouraged thousands of corporations to return to the US and enjoy low taxes that stimulate the growth of factories that had moved away from our country due to Obama's taxes and regulations, as well as other issues that in the past were condemned by The Democrat Party when they used to propose a centrist, albeit progressive, ideology. 

The Democrats mistakenly think that all new immigrants, legal or illegal from Latin America, will be voters of The Democrat Party because it offers them a Leftist government, giving them a


few crumbs in the form of free social benefits, such as housing, health care, food, education and others, when the desperate inhabitants of those Latin American countries, are escaping the terrible consequences that the governments of the Left, Socialists, and Communists have left as a result of the corruption and abuses, that ideology has caused in their homes. Not only these new immigrants, but the millions of Latin Americans who already live in the US, continue to communicate with their families in their home countries and know very well the pains and needs that are passing their family and friends, who have no way to escape to other countries in search of a better life. The Left has ruined all those countries of the South and that is in the minds of all the Spanish-speaking people who suffer it daily. When those people decided to emigrate to the USA, in no way did they think that they would arrive in a Socialist country.  On the contrary, they sought capitalism in order to realize their dreams. Knowing closely the idiosyncrasy of the Latin Americans, I can assure you that, some years ago some countries tried to experiment with Socialism and Communism as a change of direction in their countries.  Nowadays, those experiences have confirmed that the myth of the Left is against of the Hispanic tradition and that the damages caused are real and visible in all the countries in which the Leftist governments have been tried. So the Socialism proposed by The Democrat Party in replacement of the successful Capitalism that has made the USA the most desired country to live, work, study and raise a family in the World, is not seen as an attraction for possible immigrants from Latin America.  About 30 million illegal immigrants in the USA, is the proof. Everyone came to our land on his or her own free will. 


20-The Democrat Party Started A Witch-hunt.

Immediately after the election, the Democrats implemented a witch-hunt against Donald J. Trump. Now we have just learned that during the 2016 Campaign, the FBI, under the Obama administration led by James Comey, a hundred days before the election, introduced a spy into the Trump campaign and maybe more. Stephan Halper, a US citizen, a professor at the University of Cambridge with residence in the United Kingdom, was one of them. The other "informant" remains unknown at this time. The placement of the spy or "Mole" was inspired by the "Code name" Crossfire Hurricane": The secret origins of the Trump investigation", as recently published by the New York Times. The sources claimed that Professor Halper was paid one million dollars through the United States Department of Defense. The extensive surveillance of the Trump campaign affiliates led to several interviews in the Trump Tower building with active members of the campaign at the beginning of March of 2017.  President Trump denounced the illegal surveillance in the Trump tower, at the beginning of March 2016. At that time, the FBI agents played down any claim to espionage inside the building.  Recently, in May 2018, former NSA official James Clapper said on television: "It's good that the FBI has 'watched' the Trump campaign." Officially, the FBI said that the "informant" contacted the Trump campaign to protect the then-candidate of Russian espionage within the organization. However, if the FBI had been concerned about Mr. Trump, the correct thing would have been to inform him of such a situation as a warning of the dangers to which he was exposed. By keeping the secret of "surveillance," the actions became "espionage" in an election campaign opposed to Obama's ruling party.  It is significant that the Clinton campaign was not "protected" in a similar way, while it was public that the Russians also entered the computers of the DNC. It is also significant that the DNC decided to make their computers unavailable for FBI investigation requests. So many lies, like never before in the FBI and the DOJ, are a serious loss of prestige for the Department of Justice of Obama, who had maintained an apparent flawless performance until that date.  President Trump won the election under the slogan "Make America Great Again" and an ambitious plan of campaign promises that he has so far been fulfilling, despite fierce opposition from politicians. Unfortunately, the American people ignore many of these gains,



because the mainstream media is hiding the result from the public. The goal is President Trump. All the power of the media and the efforts of The Democrat Party and the Press are aimed at achieving one goal: to destroy Donald J. Trump and his Administration. The Democrats have abandoned their traditional path, a political platform that could have helped them recover the White House, an obsession. Currently, the GOP is gaining ground, and polls show progress despite an unusual battle with the mainstream media and the Left.  Keeping America Great!, is a narrative, reflecting the current social/political situation in the US from a philosophical level and is inspired by the "Nome De Guerre" of 2020, already assumed by the Republican Party as mentioned by President Donald J. Trump in a recent rally. That observation defines the dangers of the coalition that, who writes, calls the Postmodern Liberalism; a

threatening alliance to destroy not only Donald J. Trump, but the entire country and Western civilization. That is precisely what Marx and Engels suggested in the Communist Manifesto of 1848.  It is also what the Islamists have fixed in their minds since the seventh century. Then, they are grouping against the President to prevent his plans from being successful. The whole world is watching with anxiety! Then, let's start. 


We have a serious problem in the United States, which affects not only our population but the whole world. The witch-hunt that started on November 9, 2016, has slowed down a Congress that, lacking a majority in the 60-40 Senate, has prevented the President's agenda from being fully implemented. I took the liberty of renaming the Movement as Postmodern Liberalism, as mentioned above. Consequently, the current development is a completely new version of the understanding of the ancient philosophy of Traditional Liberalism. We will go into details of why, in the following chapters. The alliance between several different groups, some of them vehemently opposed to the others is not new, although the names have evolved through the times, in various ways aligned with the regions of the Planet. The old phrase: "The enemy of my enemies is my friend", is still valid.  At this moment there is a common element in the left, which directs the general efforts, and whoever is against the conservatives, is welcome to join and help each other. 

Since the beginning of the nineteenth century, the founders

of Quantum Mechanics: Nobel Prize Laureate, Niels Bohr


23-Some Background Information.

 (1885-1962) and Erwin Schrödinger (1887-1961), and later Werner Heisenberg (1901-1976), stated that "Theory of Quantum will not seem ridiculous to people who have read 'Vedanta' "(The conclusion of Vedic thought). Schroedinger continued to write a bit more in his biographical work: "Vedanta teaches that consciousness is unique, all events unfold in a universal consciousness, and there is not a multiplicity of beings." In addition, the most brilliant mind of our time: Albert Einstein, declared that he was a regular reader of Vedic knowledge, recognizing the absolutism of Krishna, the Supreme Being.   Robert Oppenheimer (1904 - 1967) declared: "Reading the Vedas is the greatest privilege of this century."  Curiously, the Vedic philosophy has remained apart from the main discussion in the Western World; I ignore the reason, or maybe it's the lack of information and knowledge. However, because I have acquired a vast knowledge of Vedic philosophy during more than forty years of studies, I insist that we must include it in the evaluation of the present discussion. The subject is too valuable to discard, and the serious situation of the world that I believe requires going back to the basics to consult in depth.  I must accept that Vedic knowledge is not easy to understand. The intricate Vedic language, quotations, personalities, demigods, fantastic places and a significant part of the metaphorical language make the Vedic understanding quite complex, although once the style of

writing is recognized, its validity becomes passionately addictive and immensely educational.  I was fortunate to be introduced to Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and most importantly, to his philosophical work, wisdom, and kindness. Prabhupada is a recognized World authority in Vedic philosophy.


After dedicating myself to serving the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Krishna, he accepted me as his disciple, and that, changed my life completely and forever. Then, the introduction to Krishna consciousness was the key that allowed me to enter another dimension: the spiritual world. Today, a particular phenomenon is dominating our society: the most important sociopolitical division in history is upsetting our lives and causing a disturbing human feeling, as never before. The antagonism between the mutant liberal ideology which I now call Postmodern Liberalism, is dangerously increasing an enmity towards the Conservative Movement in the current times, reaching the disturbing area of hatred and violence. Drugs are the favorite weapon that the enemies of Western culture are using, trying to destroy it, and excessive sexual liberation completes the scene of real chaos. They know about the weakness that prosperity inflicts on people, and Western society is falling into the trap. The providers are well identified in the political left, the Islam and the totalitarian right. The mafia directs the distribution ring; a highly controversial group. Successful fools and losers are their customers. The LGBTQ provides sexual liberation. I would like to state here that my opinion about the LGBTQ is not homophobic at all. I believe that people should be free to choose the way they want to live in. Free will. However, as they have the right to choose, I also reserve my right to a dissenting opinion. I consider them a political arm of the group of people who claim to defend, although they have become too demanding, something that transgresses the moral principles of many. I would say, most people in the world. Morality has been and I hope it continues to be, the fundamental pillar of a healthy society, which has maintained the growth and evolution of the world population through the centuries. The opposite is not optimal and is in strong opposition to the excessive liberties that the Postmodern Liberals want to push through our throats. Many women in Western civilization, trapped by their economic success, are restricting births, avoiding splitting the pie into smaller pieces, while in the Islamic faith, the baby's production continues at full speed. His motto: "In the end, Islam will prevail because our women have more children than any other group." The city of London is an example. For the first time in history, the natural white population is in a minority and the Islamic community is growing. The Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan helps and sponsors the Islamist expansion. The people of Western civilization, by restricting newborns, are undermining defenses against ancestral enemies. In addition, the Postmodern Liberals insist on making the present world, a society without gender. A crazy option! Something scientifically impossible where only tends to worry about the "feelings" and ignore reality and science. While this is happening, their allies are working frantically to take advantage of the weakening of the system. But who are the opponents of Western civilization?  A coalition formed by the liberals (including the LGBTQ), The Democrat Party, MSM (the traditional media), Communists, Socialists, Anarchists, Fascists, Nazis, Atheists and the strange addition of the Islamists, unmistakably philosophically opposed to the rest. I call this group: Postmodern Liberalism. They are led by the LGBTQ since they always seek social recognition. Tolerance of their questionable behavior is no longer enough. Now, people, especially conservatives, are required to change their minds, applaud their disruptive public lifestyle and shift towards an impulsive liberality that is degrading to society, as we know it, based on morality. It seems that the goal could be a modern edition of "Sodom and Gomorrah". 

They actively ignore the right to defer from conservatives.

Evoking my youth in South America, I can remember many clashes with previous generations. Fortunately, my beloved parents were the kind of people who always took cultural changes in a natural way, understanding or trying to understand

the need of young people to change. The young South Americans, with a severe lack of objective information, tried to copy the mutations generated by another completely different culture, coming from the United States and Europe. 



Unfortunately, at that time, Vedic knowledge was absent in our region. The South American countries never suffered the horrors of wars such as the United States or Europe, except at the time of the conquest of the American Continent by the Europeans. The only information received at the time of the World Wars, the Korean War and others, was only obtained by watching the newscasts that showed previous images before the movie in the theaters. The information was reduced to a couple of minutes and was always on the side of the government of the United States. Hollywood was pro-government at the time, although in the 1930s there was a strange closeness to the Nazis (The Hollywood connection.)

I'll go into some details in a later chapter. The radio programs contributed to give more detailed information about the developments of the world and the books delivered the results of those experiences and changes in a more complete and sophisticated way, but of course with some delay due to the physical nature of the news distribution written. From my youth, I always had a sincere desire to know more about life, the universes and the human presence on Earth. My eagerness to know about the spiritual life came later to my existence, mainly because at that moment, thinking outside the traditional box presented some fear of entering into an uncertain mental state. Religion was a part of that concern. I always thought that Christianity (Catholicism at that time) had considerable control over the mysteries of creation while reading the Bible was not encouraged. I remember asking some priests why we did not read the Bible more often and the answers indicated that the leadership (the Curia) was concerned that the filigree did not understand the paragraphs of the Bible or that they could open a "Pandora's Box" generating unwanted questions, or challenging inconvenient answers.  In addition, there was almost no information about the Vedas or Indian culture and much less about the Islam, which later in my life I had the opportunity to study in detail, mainly related to the Vedas. However, students interested in history, especially in the Barbary Wars in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, when Muslims had the common practice of hijacking American ships, kidnapping passengers and crews in search of rescue or worse, sell them as slaves. These barbaric practices and the taxes imposed on US ships drained their economy by 10% of the National Gross Product for some time. Those years were, without doubt, a dark period, at least in South America. For some reason, teachers, philosophers, and other Educators felt that at the time, people came from dark cultures and could not understand the reality in sight.  Except for certain elites in Europe and the USA, knowledge was beginning to be available to average people. Of course, some avid readers who sought information of all kinds

could form a nucleus or an elite of intellectuals, who met

secretly in exclusive places, such as coffee shops, jazz clubs or reading groups, difficult to access without privileged information, or the introduction by some of its members. Somehow, through the activity as a musician, the attempts

to enter the theater community and in general, by associating with older people, I maintained a constant expansion of my knowledge. Music has always been a revelation. The mathematics that it contains and that I discovered in depth later in life, especially when the digital age discovered the equations contained in musical phrases and even in the vibrations of sound, opened an incredible parallel world, which in my youth I could not detect before with precision. I could only have felt it. The vast ocean of sounds is something that, although it is defined as harmony, melody, and rhythm in some cases, contains an infinite wave of alternatives that make it a science, including physics, mathematics, and geometry, but also other aspects of science and philosophy.  Discovering mathematics in music, already established by Pythagoras and revealed to some privileged musicians at that time, was gradually exposed and made available to others, through different types of media. The

last one, digital music in current development, based on what the Genius of Pythagoras masterfully designed centuries ago. This was made available through the digitalized development of

science, which today our scientists manage to make public after


years of hard work. When you think of those incredible minds, you only recognize that they were advanced souls responsible for the human education of the future. If anyone doubts the existence of God, before these facts, they must surrender to the idea of creation.  I clarify, I do not mean "religion", but to science, the science of God's creation, something very different from religion as it’s commonly known. We could return and pay attention to the thinkers, poets, sadhus, and philosophers who helped write the Vedic literature on the east and the Greek documents such as The New Testament, the Septuagint, the Greek Old Testament and the translation of the Torah in the West. It is difficult to imagine those days, where human life had insignificant value, considered disposable.  When ignorance dominated the scene and knowledge was a privilege enjoyed by a few, born in rich families or protected by patrons of the arts and sciences. Gaius Cilnius Maecenas, a wealthy poet, protector of artists in the Roman Empire, began a trend, followed by many other wealthy, art-loving important people, who sponsor and protect many new artistic talents in development. But the particular knowledge that some prophets, thinkers, philosophers, and poets made themselves available through the ancient scriptures is an important treasure that we continue to enjoy today, illuminating our lives.  Modern scientists are beginning to recognize those individuals who, pointed out by the Creator, poured their vast knowledge into those documents. We must regret, however, the loss of a significant part of that legacy, destroyed by barbarians and incidents of war as the loss of almost the entire life of Nicola Tesla, a genius who was vilified and ignored because he wanted people to be the recipients of his inventions for free. Tesla did not want the military to use his knowledge to endanger the Planet and others who enjoyed credit without deserving it, appropriated many of his designs. Also regrettable, it is the absence of data on Pythagoras, whose life was a source of fantastic knowledge in music, medicine, science, and philosophy. I intend to entertain the reader, at least and keep them informed about the facts, as I learned from my teachers.

Then, prepare to read some ideas and opinions, especially with regard to politics. These times have a high political load and impartiality is almost impossible, especially when one is in some way a Liberal-Conservative. However, I tried to separate the material life from my spiritual Self. I decided that although I have a conservative base, I am pro-changes, which makes me a hybrid type of Liberal-Conservative, a not very common breed Looking at the word Liberal in the dictionary: "Be willing to respect or accept behaviors or opinions different from their own, open to new ideas ". I could summarize it in "Being open to changes". However, the "Postmodern Liberal Movement in America today" is like a bulldozer that advances trying to destroy all traces of traditional behavior, trying to replace it with controversial thoughts and practices, ignoring in general, many natural laws and scientific facts, favoring the feelings about realities. They are erasing the dividing lines without consideration.  Due to the state of society at present, it is quite difficult to avoid the conflicts exposed when you have an opinion about them. So, I hope the reader finds my writing style exciting and that they can see the point through the clouds. That is why I advise you to prepare yourself for a controversial mixture between past, present, and future, with a personal opinion, that you can love or hate, but I hope you never find it boring. 


29-The Danger Ahead.

The Postmodern Liberal Movement is already causing damage, and a Civil War is plausible. The current times are among the most important since the creation of our Nation. The external political forces, not just the Republicans, and the Democrats are trying to operate a change that I am sure, most do not want although many ignore the possible consequences.

You’ll be the judge.



31-The Election That Changed The World.

31-Liberals Messing With Education.

31-The Alliance.

The 2016 US election was not an ordinary electoral act. The consequences have been shocking, unpredictable and devastating for some people while promising for others. Starting with Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barak Obama and the rest of the Democrat Party, but much worse for the liberal community.  In a general panorama, the entire political scenario changed. Hillary Clinton turned to the left more than any other  candidate before her.  We all know and experience that during the campaign, a much more critical political factor developed that helped make the changes even greater.  The Liberal Movement, which I now call the Postmodern Liberalism, re-defined a part of the supporters of the leftist philosophy, adding a totalitarian fascist denomination. They refuse to admit it, although their behavior confirms it. Besides, the Democrat Party made a serious mistake by not condemning the fascist practices of some groups (Black lives matter) that tried to be present and violently active.  After the catastrophic defeat of November 8, 2016, the Postmodern Liberals practically seized the power of the DNC and forced its members, Congress ideology, although now, and other leaders to a new frontier, adopting a new liberal with


different content, mostly Socialist, and totalitarian.  Each one of the Democrat Party members seems to have ignored the traditional DNC platform, and they have devoted their full time to resisting the Trump Administration, the Republican Party, and the Conservative Movement. Even Hillary fell into the trap, going radically to the left.  She now regrets the move. The word "resist" pronounced by Hillary, immediately after she learned that Donald J. Trump, a billionaire businessman with no apparent political experience, who never held an official position in the government hit her harshly causing great personal shame and the DNC embarrassment. However, the word "resist" was also the starting point of the next election campaign of 2020.  A desperate cry!  However, the impact caused by the results of the elections goes beyond the usual effect, affecting the lives of people, friends, social networks and even family ties. Hillary continues whining, now through a recently published book entitled "What Happened," attacking and blaming Barak Obama, James Comey, Bernie Sanders, and others but herself, on an endless tour that touched places even on faraway India. I do not need to preach the harmful influence of the Left (Socialism and Communism.)  Latin Americans reading this book know the scope of these totalitarian ideologies, much better than the ordinary American citizen. It is known that there, the history of the World is studied in greater depth than in the USA, but also, the experience in the flesh, recent and devastating for Latin countries’ economies, concludes the case. They say that 'whoever burns with milk when he/she sees a cow, cries.'  After November 8, 2016, people began to separate some friends and families to discuss and distance each other. The neighbors changed their preferences and stopped talking to old neighbors, and a whole series of regrettable issues came between the family, the acquaintances, and friendships in the country and everything changed, due to political discrepancies.  Also, partisan differences, which in the past were shown for a few months during the campaign, but after the Election Day all returned to a healthy life, mostly erasing any disagreement and accepting the results as valid, no longer works. Not in the 2016 elections. It seems more like we are entering a civil war than right after an election in which the country changes the government through the popular vote and the decision of the Electoral College, according to the words of our Constitution. The media have a large part of the responsibility for this social dislocation. They immediately shoveled fuel into the fire for power, creating the greatest disaster of all time, even worse than the racial hatred of a few years ago.  Besides, to the fact that it seems (in serious doubt due to an alleged electoral fraud) the popular vote showed Hillary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump.  The Constitution is very clear about the Electoral College electing the President. The system offers the candidates two ways to approach the electoral campaign. Trump took the right one! He visited states that assured him support in the Electoral College, while Hillary ignored them, dedicating her time to obtain the popular vote. At first, the Democrats, desperately looking for errors in the counting of votes, irregularities in the handling of paperwork, and even some accusations of fraud by the Republican Party, for months occupied the news and the "talk of the town." Everything became irrelevant, except for the discussion and arguments about the recent election. Social life, conversations near the water cooler at work and even at the street level; people stopped to talk about the speculations on the electoral act. As the months passed by and the Electoral College pronounced the final results by electing Mr. Trump as the 45th President of the United States, and assuming power on January 20, 2017, many of us thought that the waters were calming down and that the country was taking its regular course. The Postmodern Liberals, who at that time had already taken all aspects of the leadership in the Democrat Party, continued to exert even more pressure, leaning more and more to the left and adding support from other groups to their already declared "resist" movement. Then, in addition to the alliance with the leftist groups like the Socialists, (Sanders continues to show his credentials as "Socialist," not a Democrat) headed by Bernie, who

had already joined the wagon even through the campaign, goes


as an independent. The Hollywood elite also joined the rebellion.  Liberals, naturally led by former President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and senators such as Mark Warner, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, David Axelrod, Harry Reid, Judge Sonia Sotomayor, ex-Vice President Joseph Biden and others received massive support from most of the Media and other personalities of our political and social life, especially in the states of California and New York.  Almost instantly, a whole opposite front to the newly elected president made his physical presence on the scene, led by the fascist group "Antifa".  Then, the whole country became a battlefield, relegating to essential issues such as economics, employment, medical care, international relations and other vital aspects of our lives to a second place, concentrating all the efforts of the Postmodern Liberals to consolidate the new movement, opposed and tried to derail the Presidency of Donald J. Trump. Not even the abusive attempts of the North Korean Kim Jong Un to initiate a nuclear war distracted the Democrats from continuing the revolt against president Trump. The Democrat Party made the "resistance movement" its only motive. But the alliances did not stop there. The Postmodern Liberal Movement continued its search for support and soon formed a strange bond with Islam, prominent supporters of terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaida, ISIS, Hezbollah, Al-Nusrah, Hamas and dozens more, of course, led by the Iranian clerics in power.  Despite the great difference in their values and support issues, because both sides are enemies of the conservatives, decided to fight together, although if they succeed in the end, the Islam will inevitably overwhelm the liberals by numbers and of course by the experience of 1400 years fighting for its radical and totalitarian cause. Remember that there is no force more powerful than religion and the fanaticism of Islam exceeds the normal.  Armed first with the rant of "Climate Change," an exaggerated view of the catastrophes that the world has witnessed for centuries. The issue, although important, is not the most important for the survival of our country.  As a matter of fact, in a recent poll by the Pew Institute, the issue "Climate Change" came in 18th place. Immediately the liberals added the infamous "Collusion with Russia," a deception that after almost two years in which it has been exhaustively scrutinized by the special investigator Robert Mueller, has not shown proof of being real. The search for clean energy and caring for the environment are tasks that we must attend. However, you must make sure that other countries do not take advantage of us with the regulations that negatively affect our lives. We must watch it carefully but without exaggeration. President Trump withdrew from the Paris Agreement because other countries were abusing the United States. The Agreement is detrimental to our economic development and favors others, who follow the US from afar in the care of the environment.  Let's face it. If the whole world does not take care of the environment, it's irrelevant to sacrifice our people with regulations that others won't follow. 

President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, prompting the appointment of a special prosecutor Robert Mueller, with ample power to investigate the alleged Russian collusion. The investigation has not found any "Collusion with the Russians," but on the contrary, Mueller is still looking for "a crime," any crime that so far does not exist on the part of the Republican Party or the Trump campaign. However, GOP investigators indicate that the real collusion may have been between the Russians, the DNC, and Hillary Clinton. So things have become murky in the Democrat Party and the Postmodern Liberal Movement. The Media intervention has been and continues to be a significant force in the post-election struggle. The hatred poured out by liberal journalists, we have never seen before.  The last event of the White House correspondents' dinner was brutal. The "comedian" hired created such an undesirable climate that the day after the dinner the WHCD had to apologize and some prestigious media, such as "The Hill" have already announced that they will not attend next year's dinner.  It is expected that other media will also recuse the invitation, as well

as an important part of the GOP. President Trump has defined it


as a witch-hunt against him. We have never experienced anything like this in the past. Recently, The New York Times published four-dozen questions that Mr. Mueller wants to ask the President leaked an unidentified source. Besides, it is clear that the media have engaged in a grim campaign to discredit any official action or movement, twisting and omitting information favorable to President Trump and his Government. The Media, except for Fox News, devote practically 97% of their time to deprecating the Government actions or ideas and especially to tarnish the image of the President. The opposition became a source of personal hatred against Mr. Trump, his family, and his supporters, a true witch-hunt.  The personal hostility shown by some of the journalists in the Postmodern Liberal Movement is unhealthy, unreal and makes no sense.   In general, it is an unfair campaign by the mainstream media that the president has named as "Fake News." It is evident that the Washington 'Establishment' hates the changes that President Trump has in mind. Even some Republican Party senators and Congress people are facing POTUS in something called "Never Trumpers."  The group has reduced its members lately, and Trump is slowly gaining support, after demonstrating the fulfillment of many campaign promises, especially the economy.


36-The Deep State is in full motion.

The "Deep State" is a kind of government in the shadows or deep state and is in now in full motion. The group became involved in an unjust and treacherous opposition to each of the issues that the President is trying to approve as laws, such as the "Obamacare," or government health program that the entire Senate of the Republican Party has been presuming it would repeal. 'Republican senators continually demanded:' Give us the House, give us the Senate, give us the White House, and after the President handed the three of them over, they could not concentrate and pass the Medical Care Act" in replacement of the 'Obamacare.' In an indescribable act of treason, the late Senator McCain casted the negative vote that sunk the bill.  The approval of this much-needed law was essential to continue with the tax reform and other issues, and the president finally got the tax cuts approved a few months later to move towards a better economy and a more comfortable life for its citizens.  Industrial and commercial tax cuts will be a credible incentive to recover US capitals and corporations returning to the country after they left due to Obama's restrictions and regulations. Most of those restrictions (Executive orders) are gone now, and the largest corporations with capitals stationed in other countries are already returning to the USA encouraged by those tax cuts enacted by President Trump. For seven years, Republican Party lawmakers sent proposals to the Executive, but Obama had no intention of even reading the amendments proposed. The situation has been complicated by the DNC’s victory in the 2018 mid-term elections, in which the Democrats regained control of the House of Representatives. The Senate is still in the hands of the Republicans, but the strength of the Democrats has already been present, opposing the construction of a border wall with Mexico, with such force that President Trump had to declare a "National Security Emergency" which has fierce opposition helped by some GOP legislators. With the help of 12 GOP senators, the Democrats managed to approve a bill to ban the "National Security Emergency." However, the President, using for first time the veto power, has sent the issue to the Supreme Court for a resolve. There are several legal demands, already in process. The most recent survey shows President Trump gaining support for the results of his administration. The highest approval rate in eleven months. The situation is complicated, and until now it is difficult to see the end. The President has already shown the Republican Party that it will continue with his agenda. Some conservative lawmakers in Congress have begun a detailed investigation of the Democrats, who show alleged illegal or treacherous behavior. Rep. Jim Jordan, Kevin McCarthy helped by Sean Hannity of Fox News Channel, which are among the most frantic researchers, have found an enormous amount of data, which Hannity reveals daily on his 9 pm television show and his radio show.


The data is highly incriminating, and it's surprising that Republican Party Representatives and senators are not pushing more for a thorough investigation of Clinton's behavior, some of Obama's questionable actions while he was president against members of the Trump campaign and other irregularities. Note the intense work of the Republican Representative Jim Jordan, who is moving heaven and earth to investigate the irregularities of Hillary with Russia and bribes received by her. Also, it is notable the activity displayed by Senator Lindsey Graham, who is tenaciously trying to force another Special council to investigate the DNC, Hillary and their collusion with Russia.

Trump's suspicion that the FBI under Obama spied on him during the campaign is now a fact, although it has not yet been properly investigated, as we described in the Prologue. After days of uncertainty, the President fired Comey as head of the FBI.  After being fired, Comey leaked classified information to a friend, a professor at Columbia University, who later revealed himself, to be an FBI employee without security clearance.  Comey told Congress that he decided to leak information about his meeting with President Trump to his professor friend, to be leaked to The Washington Post Newspaper, waiting for this action to provoke the appointment of an independent investigator by his friend, the Vice Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (Chief of the DOJ). The funny fact is that Mr. Comey already knew who the independent researcher would be.  Mr. Robert Mueller, former chief of the FBI and his personal friend, was selected by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, as an Independent Counsel in charge of the investigation with exceptional powers and absolute freedom of action.  Earlier, Mr. Rosenstein had also recommended firing Mr. Comey.  The recusal of Attorney General A.G. Jeff Sessions on the "investigation of Russian collusion" has been a significant nuisance to President Trump's plans and a controversial issue of the A.G.'s decision.  Sessions, right after assuming the task was practically absent from the Department of Justice.  The President fired Sessions and replaced him with William Barr, who was already Attorney General under the Bush Administration. However, the appointment of Bob Mueller as an independent prosecutor was highly questionable and unconstitutional, in the opinion of several law professors.  Also, as soon as he was appointed the head of the investigation, Mueller hired a group of 17 lawyers, all of them Democrats and private donors to the Clinton Campaign and the Barak Obama's fund. Mueller's team has made the following donations to the Democrats: James Quarkes $ 32,850.-, Jeannie Rhee $ 13,950.-, Andrew Weissman $ 4,300.- Elizabeth Prelogar $ 750.- and Brandon Van Grack $ 286.- These lawyers made fewer donations than 0.1% to Mr. Trump's campaign.  The facts lead us to believe that all the members of Mr. Mueller's research team participate in a witch-hunt against the President.  Some leaked information is showing that Mr. Mueller has initiated questionable searches into the personal business of the Trump Family. Mr. Trump warned Mueller that this is not part of his job. He must remain in the investigation of the supposed Russian collusion, avoiding getting into the personal business of the Trump family. Like the cake’s strawberry, the holdover employees left by Obama have been involved in a negligible leak of classified information to the Media. These activities are part of a conspiracy of the so-called 'Deep State,' probably led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein. All these events have collided with the other side of the aisle, causing The Democrat Party, pressing the gas pedal in a furious attack against Trump and his team.  Also, the New York Times has published four dozen questions about what Mueller would ask the President if he were able to interview him, which leaked through unknown sources (as usual).  The questions seem childish and raise concerns about Mueller's credibility.  Some of those questions are aimed at knowing "what is or was in Mr. Trump's mind," his thoughts, and problems that must be inscrutable, and inherent to the privacy of an individual's mind.  Mueller is surpassing his authority and his original task: "The Russian collusion with the Trump campaign."  The Special Adviser is looking for a crime, to find the perpetrator instead of starting from the alleged crime, until now,


non-existent: Russian collusion, and discovering whether it is true or false. So far, there is no indication, no evidence of collusion by the President or his Campaign. However, the conspiracy continues to be intense, and the Democrat Party is pushing with all its force the extension of the investigation to reach the election of 2020, with the intention of disparaging the Trump Administration and diminishing the possibilities of the President's re-election. So far, there is a growing indication that the American people are beginning to see the facts and will probably distrust the Democrats tirade against the President. Especially when the J.F. Kennedy's Party who fought against Communism and Socialism in the Cold War now prefers a majority of Socialist pre-candidates. Already several important potential runners, such as Mayor Bloomberg, Eric Holder, and Hillary Clinton have desisted from seeking the candidacy, and V.P. Joseph Biden, is in great doubt, in an internal, too complicated and a crowded internal.


40-Hollywood/Nazi Connection During The Depression.

As mentioned earlier, the Hollywood elite has joined the support of the DNC kidnapped by the Postmodern Liberal Movement.  It is significant that during the times of the US Depression in the 1930s, the big Hollywood producers worked closely with the Nazis to survive the economic crisis. Hitler's addiction to Hollywood movies is widely known.  Some historians say that the Führer never fell asleep without first seeing a Hollywood movie. At that time, Germany was the most critical market for the American film industry.  Any film projected in the theaters of Germany ensured the real income of its producer that was desperately needed for its survival. Hitler even had an exclusive Ambassador in Hollywood, called Georg Gyssling, who frequently visited the studios and supervised the productions and their contents.  Gyssling regularly inspected the new production scripts carefully and even prohibited some of them from continuing filming or forcing changes that would negatively affect the reputation of his boss, Adolph Hitler. Producers, unable to obtain money loans from American banks, due to the economic crisis, found an important source of cash in the vibrant German industries, which considered the film industry as very profitable and were anxious to invest in it. Despite the apparent ownership of the film studios of Jewish investors, the magnates opted for the convenient separation of business and religion. This close relationship with the Nazis probably left a legacy in the Hollywood elite, particularly about the practices exerted by the Third Reich fanatics. The closeness between the left and the right was at that time, confusing and its practices, sometimes superimposed at some point. Both were totalitarians. Thus, the movement of postmodern Liberalism is itself totalitarian. Over the years, the Hollywood community has shown a controversial identity, where totalitarian ideas are demonstrated every step of the way, while money is always King. At this time it is no different and helps a totalitarian movement such as Postmodern Liberalism, which supports an attempt to go against conservatives whose primary motive is to maintain the basic principles and morals of Capitalism: reputation, respect, and economic prosperity.  However, it is not clear if the reason is to ruin our conservative bases or is the personal hatred towards President Trump. I am inclined to believe that they hate Donald Trump because he is trying to keep the country conservative, against the intentions of the Postmodern Liberalism to turn it into a current version of Sodom and Gomorrah.  However, I doubt that the Hollywood community understands or even tries to know the philosophy of the President, that in my opinion, we could synthesize as Liberal-Conservative, which means a traditional conservative base but open to some Liberal ideas.  Not as Postmodern Liberalism but as its old etymological meaning: Liberalism = "Open to changes and exploring new ideas." However, I insist again, observing the experiences of the ancient scriptures are wise advice to preserve the success of our country. 


41-Education community is, part of the Liberal's agenda.

Their intentions have become even more radicalized and are


running the movement further to the left, making the issues they are pressing, stranger and scandalous.  However, at the same time, they are reducing the space between the left and the right in a dangerous way.  Turning to the left all the way you will find the hard totalitarian right that dominates the left utilizing money, power, and corruption.  A clear example is an appearance in Congress of a very ambitious young woman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who by chance was elected Representative of The Democrat Party with 29 years of age.  In  her first two months in Congress she has called herself the leader of the Democrat Party without there having been serious opposition to her assumption. The actual leader of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has remained mute.  Immediately, AOC launched an idea, completely unreal, unrealizable by the absurd cost and the thoroughly deranged proposals. The plan, called " New Green Deal," demands the ban of all air commercial transportation, proposes changing the US energy matrix to renewable energy exclusively, at the same time that it shows an irrational philosophy that includes, the total renovation of absolutely all buildings and houses of the USA that depend on fossil or nuclear fuels.  Something utterly unrealizable since there is still no technology that allows prescinding of fossil fuel or nuclear energy.  The AOC madness does not stop there. She has suggested that women should wonder if having babies is worth it, because of climate change.  Also, she asks for the elimination of all cows, because their flatulent discharges are contaminating gases. The proposal is too extensive and utterly unrealizable, so I will avoid detailing it at this time. 


42-Today's Education Fiction.

The education of today, as history shows us, is one of the first measures to take from the Fascist, Communist or Nazi practice.  As history shows, one of the first measures of those totalitarian ideologies is the appropriation and manipulation of the educational system. It is vital for those totalitarian political doctrines to command educators and manipulate them to indoctrinate young minds in their political philosophy.  In the postmodern Liberal agenda, indoctrination replaces education. 


43-The California Chaos.

I was recently in Los Angeles, visiting friends. The state of California, especially the cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles, is known to be the greatest bastion of the Postmodern Liberal Movement. Except for Hollywood and its surroundings, the Pacific coast and other places where the rich and famous reside, all its population seems to be receiving social assistance from the Government.  Of course, it is not a crime to seek government help. The social assistance system was created to temporarily help American citizens recover and redesign their lives and contributing to the families in returning to a productive life.  However, they have created a parallel society, which has been restricted to "survival" instead of "living life" productively and dynamically, being pillars of our community. The Postmodern Liberals are determined to design a new division on the American people.  An excessive government where a huge bureaucratic mass that 'works' for the state will make decisions about a dishonest society of dependent and uneducated people who abuse the social services of the government. A "communist paradise" that unfortunately proved to be a worldwide disaster.  One of the provisions on AOC "Green New Deal" is that the Government will pay a basic salary to all citizens, that can't find work or even to the ones that are unwilling to work.  Unbelievable! Capitalism may not be ideal, but it is undoubtedly the most effective system to grow and develop our world in freedom and justice. The United States is a vivid example or was at least in the past. Of course, undesirable human greed spoils the high characteristics of Capitalism, but that, unless we can change the nature and behavior of the person, all we can do is continue working on the improvement of society. 


43-Political Correctness.

The now-famous expression: Political Correction (PC), has lately been a way to keep society segregated, but under a different


standards, where the groups that once dominated are guilty and ensure that their members assume the consequent burden, of course, exaggerated by the new directives from the left. Let us agree that the left is an integral part of the Postmodern Liberal ideology, as well as Fascism, which was initiated from the left by Benito Mussolini, or Hitler's National Socialist, the Democrat Party of the People. In the field of education, for example, conservative professors are segregated, only because they continue teaching science, as usual, observing hundreds or thousands of years of development and progress.  They continue to qualify the students in the old fashion. While on the left it is about indoctrination, but with different rules, now created by the new leadership known as Postmodern Liberalism which, has infiltrated The Democrat Party, has imposed leftist socialist-communist philosophy and then added anarchist and fascist denominations to help to enforce them.  We must remember that Mussolini, the creator of fascism was a member of the Italian Socialist Party and the Hitler Party was the National Socialism, the people's party.  They have also made room to adopt the "Islamist ideology," which I refuse to call only "religion." It is known that Islam has at least four facets: 1) Merchants (used as exploratory commercial penetration). 2) Military (following the settlement of the merchant, including the former Barbary Pirates, now called Islamic Radical Terrorists), 3) Political (after the military incursions, dictate the laws) and 4) Religious (the ultimate goal and destiny of all efforts): religious indoctrination. They have been doing it for 1400 years without any changes.  We will go into details in other chapters.  As we can see, this New Postmodern Liberal Movement is an extensive agglutination of different ways of thinking and acting, (some, opposed to the others) whose only common denominator is the opposition or antagonism to the conservative and "liberal-conservative" lifestyle that Donald Trump proposes. The most notable addition is the absolute demagogic behavior: the application of "political correctness."  Insults and especially the expressions: "racist, homophobic, intolerant, misogynist, radical, sexist, anti-immigrant, anti-LGBTQ" and many other derogatory adjectives which are exchanged across the aisle and deeply divide our society today.  This polarization often results in a poisonous language, which prevents having smart communication. The postmodern liberal coalition has flooded the atmosphere of lies, with such force, that the word has lost credibility in every way.  Lies are used to returning another lie and thus confuse and hide the truth.  It is, in a way, the glamour of totalitarianism.  Although this pernicious wave is in full force in big cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Baltimore, and others, it has not yet reached the whole American society. However, there is an open cultural war that conservative or traditional people are facing and desperately trying to defend the greatness of our country that has been built brick by brick for more than two hundred and forty-one years, successfully and productively for American citizens and the entire world.  The contribution of our Capitalist Society to the World is irrefutable proof of our success. However, in the last decade, it seems to have been dramatically criticized and challenged. The left wing is trying to change the direction of the American lifestyle.  They ignore the accumulated experience for more than one hundred and fifty years since Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels devised the evil philosophy designed to replace the standards of God's creation, for a system without God implanted by the government, led by mortals as a guide and direction towards the future. I will expand on this later.  For now, the so-called P.C. (Political Correctness), represented by a distorted understanding of natural human behavior for the unnatural, is beginning to take over the centers of liberal education in the major cities of the United States.  Parents rely on education in the United States, hoping that their children will learn the skills necessary to find good jobs.  However, some of those parents have a significant part of the blame. Not all conservative parents are role models. Many of them are pushing for their children's performances to improve falsely, just for their satisfaction or to get better jobs for them. Some would encourage cheating or lying to get better grades and try a whole series of tricks, to satisfy their false pride.  That is what we call the


negative characteristics of some human beings.  Parents send their children to high schools, colleges and universities, pay more than sixty thousand dollars a year, and when young people return the only thing they can offer is contempt. There are many reports and interviews of students of colleges and universities, with abominable results that show the absolute ignorance of the majority of the pupils consulted.  The answers they have provided are a shame for our society.  Some students have no idea about the basic knowledge that any elementary school child, 50 years ago, would have known in great detail.  It is a real shame.  

But to give a clear example of the absurd behavior of some parents, these days a diabolical plot has been discovered which involves Hollywood stars of the screen. The FBI has found a criminal maneuver in which a registration manager at universities such as Yale, Georgetown, USC, Stanford, UCLA, Texas, and San Diego, named Rick Singer, has been accused of fraud, submitting pictures of students with their faces in someone else's photo, showing evident superiority on sports, together with false statements and fake affidavits, to force the acceptance into colleges of his clients.  By paying sums of up to  $ 500,000.- Dollars in bribes to Mr. Singer, celebrities as actresses: Felicity Huffman and Lory Laughlin, also accused by the FBI of fraud and other crimes, tried to force their daughters to register in the university. It seems the mentioned Universities weren’t officially aware of the plot. One can understand that millionaire parents want to help their children to have a better future, but violating the laws and worse, passing over talented students who do not have millionaire parents, is despicable behavior.


46-Defining The Postmodernism.

Postmodernity is ruining the life of the student. In general, a small number of young people go to high school, to colleges or to the university to get an education.  Politics, at the end of the road, would probably help some of them to improve their lives, as well as the connections they could make, especially on prestigious educational complexes.  Most students know that after graduation, some of their classmates would probably get important executive jobs that will allow them to hire other employees.  Of course, the selection of these potential workers will be chosen among the students who shared the same classes, in universities or colleges.  It's natural. Executives seem to prefer to work with colleagues who graduated from a familiar source.  Therefore, public relations are always a sure way to see future employment, and that is why, as a student, it is essential to be "someone," intelligent, famous or maybe just a show-off; a superficial display of intelligence. That is the conventional approach today. However, the new progressive fashion is designed to interrupt, to prevent conservatives from making their point of view.  In states like Illinois and California, postmodern liberals are blocking any attempt by conservatives to expose their ideas, even by force and violent behavior, as we have all seen lately in TV news at UC Berkeley and others. The destruction of private and public property is frequent, trying to stop any conservative speech and the Police have not been able or willing to prevent the guilty parties from doing so and what is worse, punish them for preventing such disturbing behavior from continuing. The postmodern liberals are trying to create people unable to face any difficulty in life so, it will allow bureaucrats to act on their behalf and make all decisions for them.  Thinking is not necessary for postmodern life.  That is scary! An excess of liberal professors is the biggest problem.  Often, the professionals, who could not achieve success in the business world, accept jobs as educators and bring with them all the frustration caused by their lack of acceptance by a better-paid business community, probably too selective, and they carry their frustration to the educational center that hosted their liberal status.  Of course, this is not the case in general, although an undesired practice, more and more frequent.  Liberalism used to be a progressive form of ideology (in the proper etymology of the word) promoting new ideas, changing old and fatigued norms.  Also, there are many conservative liberals, and I consider myself one of them, (I apologize for the personalism,)


who believes in ancient teachings and norms, but who also accepts new ways of thinking reviewing and updating the basic concepts of contemporary life. However, like all things in life, if they are exaggerated, they become useless or even against the original intention.  That is what has happened with the liberal movement. It became so damn liberal, so influenced by the Atheist Left that it went in the opposite direction, creating a clash of cultures, with the aggravation of a violent fanaticism added, and an adverse electoral result that upset the relations between people, something totally unwanted.  Among other negative aspects, it has separated people instead of uniting them, the effect that we should all want.

Just take a look at what happened in Berkeley, CA. in 2017.  The city is famous for being a place in northern California, on the east side of San Francisco Bay and home to the University of California, Berkeley, the birthplace of the Freedom of Expression Movement of the 1960s.  However, in recent events, freedom of expression was denied to several speakers, who invited by the Conservative Students, tried to spread their traditional thoughts. The violent behavior of the people in the left caused damages worth millions of dollars, destroying public and private property, trying to stop the presentation of different speakers talking about their traditionalist beliefs. The Postmodern Liberal Movement is trying to change the course of our incredible success as a Nation and replace it with an authoritarian and un system that promotes hatred and forbids opposition to its Left/Liberal/Athea beliefs.  It is not a positive result, we would say.  They are ignoring the experience of the many countries that suffered the governments of the Socialist/Communist system negatively. 


48-The New Liberal Education Mentality.

In the world of universities, one of the preferred practices of the 'Political Correctness' is not to say the student's qualifications out loud.  All grades must be confidential to protect the student's self-esteem, they say.  It is clear that knowing the qualifications of other students inspires debate and generates the impetus to improve performance, although it also provides a filter that would separate the talented from the mediocre.  Competition is what has made Western Civilization and Capitalism preferred systems in the world.  I can remember when we were students, that the performance of some advantaged classmates was an incentive to improve our work.  To many other young people including myself, seeing the advanced students who came to the front to tell their progress and the new developments in the subjects, were motivation and positive experience.  Having talented classmates was an honor and inspiration to improve our work and learning process.  However, these days, things seem to be completely different under the new postmodern liberal ideology. 


49-Defending the feelings of the student. 

There is a story circulating in the student media of a girl who comes home crying to her mother because another child was deliberately belching in her face, poking her with pencils in her hands and head whenever he approached her.  The mother complains to the school counselor.  He tells her to be patient because she would not want to hurt the other child's feelings and asked her to think that he might have had inadequate education and that he "was not educated correctly."  That is the focus of today's educator leadership.  They defend the aggressor, justifying their actions instead of punishing them and telling them they are wrong, that they must change their behavior and not be aggressive with their fellows. They call it "defending the student's feelings." 


49-The Teacher's Complaints.

Some good teachers have complained that they were given a "system average" rating on their performances, which only teach ELA (English Language Arts and Literature). Therefore, if you are an incredible teacher of physics or mathematics, you are given the average performance of the system, even if this means reducing the average of your evaluation.  Teachers are forced,


under liberal postmodern thinking, to share the qualifications with low-level teachers. Everyone must share a summative assessment score, only in two categories of educators: Science and ELA. That is the concept of the new Liberal Educational Leadership.  In a way, it is how Marx and Engels used to think, which has created a disaster in all the countries where "Socialism or Communism" has been practiced.  These evil characters have based the construction of Socialism and Communism as a substitute for the personal capacity given to the individual by the creation or even the progress that a person could achieve by their effort and consistency by an average, dividing the collective efforts by a denominator whose result would give the same figure.  This practice, of course, becomes completely artificial and demeaning to the more intelligent and gratifies those who have mediocre performance.  That is the philosophy that postmodern liberals are trying to impose.  They insist on the failed concept of Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels, of flattening individuality, to create a group where the personality is null and to exacerbate the sense of community.  That would meet the communist government's goal of nullifying the person and forcing them to participate in an impersonal group with no desire to improve them.  Postmodern Liberalism and The Democrat Party are trying to eliminate individuality to impose a collective thought.  


50-The Free Speech No Longer Available.

The change of the rules, even at the lowest level, indicates the extent of the left's push to accuse what they call the "white supremacy" of segregation and other crimes. They define especially the white man educated as racist, intolerant, anti-immigrant, so his campaign is aimed at silencing conservatives who want to talk about the experience of socialists and their failures in countries where they have experimented with that ideology.  The infiltration of dozens of lefty teachers and professors now in the colleges and universities are determined to use their physical and mental power over their students to join and violently transmit the postmodern liberal message.  Recent events in California and Illinois show how they use their local publications on campuses to energize what they call "psychologically gentle minds of students."  They claim to be generally offended by the slightest opposition to the ideas of the left, and they regularly send a hard message to the conservatives telling them that the freedom of expression contained in the First Amendment is no longer available.  President Trump has just said that he will sign an executive order that protects free speech in educational centers, under penalty of taking economic support.  It is worth mentioning that the protection of this right already appears in the First Amendment of the Constitution.  Recent events say in a thunderous and violent voice that public lecterns are only for the left to express their radical ideas.  This behavior can render useless the decades that were fought against evil ideologies such as Communism and Nazism, defending the right of free expression, in those same universities. 


51-Today's Leftist Campuses.

The university campuses have prohibited, under the threat of violent disturbances, the destruction of public and state property, the presence of speakers such as; Charles A. Murray, Ben Shapiro, Nicholas Dirk, Anita Alvarez, Emily Wong, Jason Riley, Milos Yannopoulous, Ann Coulter, David Horowitz, and other conservative thinkers.  The traditionalist teachers, think that what is happening now is frightening.  It seems that the desired fashion for education is for educators to remain in the freezer, while students will educate themselves, giving themselves their qualifications.  Under the postmodern liberal leadership, parents and students will lead the schools, and finally, the teachers will not be necessary.  Silly, isn't it? However, that is the attitude of the postmodern liberal culture. The left has invaded the Liberals and The Democrat Party.  However, there is still a big question mark.  What is Islam doing there?  We will examine this later on.  What we can see is an attempt to reduce the level of education, so there would be no



competition at the top level.  The goal of Postmodern Liberalism is that only a mass of mediocre students aspires to positions within the ranks of the Great Government.  It is a dark future for young people, a totalitarian result to imitate Communism, Socialism, Nazism, and Fascism.

Meanwhile, the offenses are so subtle, that it would be necessary to modify the entire language to avoid any conflict when speaking publicly.  Let's clarify that not all universities are like that, but at the pace they go, what the educators show and the particular elections exercised by the left’s leadership, it would be a miracle that they do not contaminate the entire educational system.  The postmodern liberal tentacles are spreading at a terrifying rate.  Ignorance is widespread, and the idea of equality is adding fuel to the fire.  There is a comment that says that the dangerous thing is happening in some universities is a "real movement," based on a leftist philosophy, that struggles to globalize the world and eliminate all prejudices. Unfortunately, they have taken a reasonable human spiritual transformation and turned it into fascist coercion, a necessary condition for a Godless state, which is its ultimate goal. Once again, we must draw a line between God's creation and religion, two very different things.  The science of God's creation is one thing; It is science and different from religion, an option made by man to meet and worship God. 


52-The Campuses Safe Spaces.

The "safe spaces" of university campuses were created to provide students with an environment in which they could discuss practical issues, although they are criticized by repressing freedom of expression.  However, said action is one of the objectives of the postmodern liberal movement, of course. The Islamic culture is every day more noticeable in the universities and more dominant. Now, they are demanding their own private space.  Meanwhile, the standards and traditions of The Democrat Party lack real leadership and depend on an "independent socialist, Senator Sanders, and other pseudo-Socialists.  New adherents to Socialism, "a DNC president, a manipulator, without education, a vulgar Tom Pérez and an insane delusional senator (native American?) Elizabeth Warren among other ephemeral rude characters, such as the vulgar Rep. Maxine Waters and the disgusting Senator Schumer and Rep. Pelosi.

To make matters worse, the recent election of Alexandra Ocasio Cortez as Representative for The Democrat Party, adds an insolent, ignorant and delirious young woman, who thanks to that she is just 29 years old, would not be eligible as President.   But the damage that she can do is enormous and has already been the primary cause of the Amazon Company changing its mind and abandoning the establishment of a new base in New York City, which in this way loses 25,000 jobs for its residents.  The 2020 election is adding many aspirants to the leadership of the DNC.  It is clear that the new wave of this developing movement has made alliances that conflict with the traditional philosophy of each other, although they have a common enemy: conservatism.  And, as it is well said, "the enemies of your enemy are my friends." 


53-The dangerous alliance with Islam. 

But the above is not the most dramatic.  In the circles of The Democrat Party, every day with more force and frequency, they talk about the formal inclusion of Islam, as a fundamental part of the political platform of the Democrat Party.  That information, if accurate, would be a stab in the back of a political group, once , that fought boldly against totalitarianism and Islamic theology since the 17th century.  It is worth noting that the President who preceded Jefferson. John Adams sold much of the US warships in the commercial market. (It is reported that Adams was opposed to a US war against Muslims.) But under President Thomas Jefferson, our navy at the beginning of the Marines, fought relentlessly to reduce the Muslims (The Barbary Pirates) who were the nightmare of the inhabitants of the Mediterranean Sea shores for several centuries. Jefferson, under the slogan "Hit hard without taking prisoners" (Smack-down, no


prisoners taken) fought against the Muslims from 1801 to 1804,  when he finally managed to get the Pasha of Tripoli, the highest Islamic authority to agree to repeal the 10% tax of the US gross product as payment, to be able to trade with the countries of the

Mediterranean.  They did not bother us again for about 200 years. 


54-The “Resist” Movement.

It is sad that the Democrats have not been able to recover after the catastrophic results of the 2016 elections and the word "resist," as Hillary Clinton said, has become the obsession of all

Democrats.  A mantra that is repeated daily with increasing emphasis and incitement to violence.  Something we just witnessed when a volunteer from the Bernie Sanders Campaign shot a Republican representative, Steve Scalise, at a charity practice of a baseball game.  However, the mainstream media pointed to the issue as a deranged man, avoiding any connection with the speech of Senator Sanders, a typical fanatical leftist and against conservatives. The apparent fact is that the fierce opposition to conservatism is growing, after the 2016 elections, where The Democrat Party was severely beaten by a billionaire, Donald J. Trump, new to Washington and the traditional politics, which decided to do things differently, something that postmodern liberals are obsessed with stopping. Therefore, the battlefield must begin in the fields of education, as totalitarian regimes usually impose (Nazis, Communists, Socialists, and Islamic) manipulating young people through fear, lies, false news, slandering public figures, including sexual liberation, promiscuity and any other means to stifle the conservative movement.  However, notably, ignorance is leading the protest of a crowd that when asked why they are complaining, does not know the answers and just repeats clichés.

The postmodern liberals hate President Donald J. Trump and are determined to make him fall. So the feelings and not the reasoning are marking the way of the DNC.  The traditional media are helping with their megaphone, a massive team of "apprentice journalists" and the horde of monsters without God who preach a perverse message.  It is evident that all efforts are focused on the elections of 2020.  The first objective was to recover the seats in Congress, although they could not do the same with the Senate; the main objective is to obtain the White House in 2020.  The plans are simple, the committees of Congress led and dominated by Democrats now, already sent 81 letters calling on the recipients, individuals or corporations linked to Trump, to appear before the Congress under oath and answer thousands of questions, aimed at making guests fall to what they call perjury. Any slip that they consider a lie, to condemn them to fines or even jail if they do not accuse the President of something substantial against him. They will extend it until the day of the election of 2020, trying to take votes from Trump.  Of course, radical feminism is a big part of it.  Nowadays, although paradoxically the main liberal objective is a classless, genderless and faceless society, the scene has become so sensitive that communication is creating a false, hypocritical and uncomfortable situation, where one has to observe the language deeply, to avoid offenses, what border on the ridiculous.  It is a time of hypocrisy!  The words are being suppressed; the sensitivity has been potentially destroyed. The postmodern liberals are creating an enslaving reality where words could be encouraged almost to be weapons of mass destruction.  Many words have been banned from the English language, which is difficult to express in public.  It is so sad that one has to choose the expression of thoughts with a postmodern Liberal manual on hand to avoid crashing and offending certain people.  However, among the black community, the expression of the word "nigger" is repeated every two words by blacks without anyone being upset.  Curious? 


55-A Genderless Society?

Oh, wait! Hinted a student.  Do liberals not even recognize the existence of two genders? How retrograde is how you indoctrinate the kids now?  Also, they realize that intersexuality exists, right?  There are multiple variations of sex chromosomes,


gonads, sex hormones and genitalia that do not agree with the binary understanding of sex.  That is not even in dispute.  However, procreation is only possible if a male and female have sex or attach sperm to the egg in a female's ovule inside the uterus.  The same happens with any other animal specimen.  Therefore, it is not clear what the problem is about the recognition of the two unique genres.

On the other hand, it can be a psychological malfunction that is clouding the understanding of so many people on the left. We can turn it over, backward, from side to side, from the inside out, but the genetic information stamped on each chromosome will not change.  Until a new order, we will have to deal with only two sexes: male and female.

The rest is a mere modification of the psychological behavior in the human being, which in some cases can be seriously unbalanced with unpredictable consequences. Of course, the handling of these situations should be approached with care and always trying not to disturb or offend the person through inappropriate comments or attitudes, but still bearing in mind that "the right of one ends where the rights of others begin," simple and without complications.  However, the postmodern liberal culture prefers to make a big scandal, extending the prevention of clashes between both parties, suppressing the words, instead of requesting manners and eventually accepting the rejections that people may feel naturally.  Human beings are not perfect, and although we must strive for perfection, we are not close to it.  In which case, manners are useful to improve relationships between people.  However, cutting out personal thoughts, avoiding expressions that can hurt the feelings of other people who express themselves is not in any way a solution.  The individual's speech is as important as the right of the recipient to reject it. Freedom of expression is as sacred as the right to refuse it by the recipient. 



56-Everybody Get A Medal?

The truth shows that no one, ever, could have established a society not even close to what the Postmodern Liberals propose.  This new pretentious community tries to implement the idea of "everyone deserves a medal," so there are no people left behind, not even at the cost of mediocrity, which seems to be the desired product.  Teachers should not criticize students who make mistakes because "somehow they are less capable" and God does not allow the teacher to yell at a student!  Most of the cases in "Liberal Universities," educators are told to apologize to a spoiled idiot because he/she got upset after being punished for being rude to a partner.  That is our school system today. Well, not all thank God, but if the error is not corrected, it will be a general fashion. God bless the souls of my teachers.   They shouted at me to correct the mistakes I had made.   But I learned: Do not ever think of anyone mentioning that there are only two genders! Of course, there are only two genders! The whole liberal world will fall on your head, and the force of the community desiring to be genderless will crush you ruthlessly! Postmodern liberals are instructing parents not to reveal the sex of their children at birth and telling them to decide which way they want to go when they grow up, an obviously criminal behavior.  It does not matter if you believe in the theories of the Creation or Evolution of God; gender is a thing of the past for the Postmodern Liberals.  I remember reading the Lenin Decalogue of 1913, with instructions on how to seize a country to communism.  Article number one says: 1) Corrupt young people and giving them absolute sexual freedom.  It sounds familiar, I think!  (I'm going to publish the entire set of Lenin's Decalogue later.)  So the Left promotes that now, with rules that are not so simple but complicated by the proposed gender changes. For them, physical and psychological are the same, which at the moment tend to be an illusion. Pure fantasy.



59-The Strategy.

59-The Postmodern Liberal Movement In Action:

59-Their Plans To Destroy Western Civilization.

59-Where the Postmodern Liberal Movement is pushing to do the most damage.

As described in Chapter 1, the new Postmodern Liberal’s have made an Alliance:  They have weaved a net against the Conservatives who defend Western Civilization, the most beneficial influence in our World.

Of course, it is not perfect.

However, the balance left by the Western Civilization is highly favorable, and among the benefits to our culture, are the highest advancements in human rights, as the end of slavery, the progress of sciences, the education evolution, and the positive improvements in human relations.

Postmodern Liberals, on their part, are irresponsibly calling Islam as an ally, to help in the fight against the Conservative movement. They would take anything, to satiate their obsession to take Trump down.


Meanwhile, the Democrat Party is submissively following the trend, leaving behind centuries of mainly moderated center-left politics.


The recent election of two Congress Representatives, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlahib, are proof of their ill intentions.

As soon as they took office, Omar aggressively attacked Israel in an unequivocal racist and low ethical fashion, which the other  congress-people did not dare to condemn. Is it time for the Jews to leave the DNC?

Democrats are also siding now with Socialism, Communism, Anarchism, and the LGBTQ movement, in a clear attempt to overwhelm the Conservatives.  Lately, they welcomed a Fascist group, paradoxically called “Antifa.”

Conservative people, not used to such a bullying crowd, are slowly reacting to the onslaughts from the Left, overcoming their peaceful nature, are now pushing back.

The 2016 losses have been significant, and they continued to lose local elections in 2017. 

The Democrat Party, manipulated by the Postmodern Liberal Movement is displaying a total lack of leadership, an obsessive dedication to derail President Trump, showing a complete absence of ideas to regain the people's favor thru significant issues and especially, an unattractive leadership.   They are only concerned with destroying President Trump. They have been unable to show a coherent political platform or any definite Government plans!  Only "resist," an entirely negative term.

The crowded Democrat Party internal is showing all kinds of different and reckless pre-candidates, showing an array of controversial electoral propositions, have departed the traditional issues the Democrat Party had for years.  The new proposals are Socialist/Communist, and they are failing to say how they are going to finance them. None of the candidates are assuming a responsible position, making the numbers clear and understandable to the voters.  It seems, they chose a sugar-coated set of populist promises to fool the youngsters, ignorant and lacking experience.  The Left has never shown any country who had a Socialist/Communist government experience. Venezuela is its last disaster.

They have been unable to show a coherent political platform or any definite Government plans!  Only "resist," an entirely negative term is their motto, and now, crazy stuff like the Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s (AOC) infamous “New Green Deal” is their favorite toy.

The Mainstream Media is also cooperating with the Postmodern Liberals, as well as many of the Colleges Directors, the University faculty, and Administrators who are disrupting the Campuses and their practices in favor of the anti-Conservatives.

We must remember the Democrats, in the past, have supported or even helped to create movements like the KKK, the American Nazis and vigorously defended Slavery.  However, they do not talk about it at all.

Over the years, The Democrat Party has been a staunch supporter of the Slave ownership. The Civil War was fought between the Lincoln supporters to abolish slavery and the Democrats to maintain the Slave trading among other issues.

History tells us that Democrat General Nathan Bedford Forrest founded the KKK in 1865, and he was its first grand wizard.

The Republican Party was known in the past as the "Black People's Party," while The Democrat Party was the White People's Party.

Curiously, nowadays, the Democrats are trying to escape that past, which in a way have managed thru different tricks, to revert the trend.

Due to the alliance of J.F. Kennedy with the Black Community, in the figure of Dr. Martin L. King, the reversal was possible.   Do the American People have a short memory or blatant ignorance?

President J.F. Kennedy, who at the request of Coretta Scott King, sent his brother Robert, to approach a DeKalb County Judge and successfully lobbied for Martin Luther King Jr.’s release, started the dreadful Democrat Party's reversal and tilted the popularity scale to the DNC’s side.

Dr. King is the most visible and influential figure in the history of the Black Community, and that was no small influence. 

So, since the 1960s, The Democrat Party practically managed to



erase its shameful racist past and conquered the majority of the Black vote at the time.

The negative influence of Barry Goldwater's extremism helped the shift when the late Senator pronounced against the Civil Liberties Act.

In 1964, the passage of the Civil Rights Act by President Johnson, cemented the change of sides by the Black People that helped Carter, Clinton and later Obama, to win the elections.

However, in reality, The Democrat Party's core has not been able to make Blacks advance in the North of the Country.

The former Urban League Director Vernon Jordan expressed his concerns during Carter’s presidency: “We have no full employment policy.  We have no welfare reform plan. We have no national health system.  We have no urban revitalization project.   We have no aggressive affirmative action policy.   We have no solutions to the grinding problems of poverty and discrimination.” 

Republicans that distracted by the appearance of Barry Goldwater, who practically destroyed the Democrat Party's relationship with the Blacks by denouncing the Civil Right's Act as illegal, confirmed the beginning of the Black voters' migration to The Democrat Party.  

Bill Clinton fortified the alliance, and the rise of Barak Obama definitively helped with a racial approval, although he never did anything meaningful to help his race.  He instead helped Islam to advance, while his Town of Chicago, sunk in a pool of drugs and crime!


62-The Mainstream Media’s Obsession To Defeat Trump. 

The word fake is incessantly mentioned, and the News is bound to it.  It seems that the word "reality," is losing weight and from the daily stated "fake news" we realize they want us to live in a fantasy world.

Although the Media defend itself from the accusations coming from the President and his supporters, there is substantial doubt about their arguments.   Mainly because after eighteen months of charges, accusations, suspicions, and false indications, the "Russian Collusion" with the Trump Campaign are not showing any proof of being real. 

In a desperate attempt to daily feeding those allegations, the DNC, aided by the MSM, continue a mad campaign trying to derail the President's Administration.

The Mainstream Media has decided to ignore the truth and keep repeating the word liar, attached to anything that regards Mr. Trump.  It is like a deaf people's conversation.  So, Liar, liar, liar, repeated a million times might become true, as Nazi Joseph Goebbels used to affirm.

The addition of some possible "Obstruction of Justice" used to fabricate a wishful Presidential impeachment, has poured fuel on the fire that keeps the Media blabbing about nothing.

In a grave mishandling of the actual news, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, Univision, and the major newspapers have almost ignored the recent Islamic Radical Terrorist attack in Manchester, UK, as well as other Islamist Terrorist attacks around the World.   Meanwhile, they continue to pound with the illusory elaboration of allegations about the now famous hoax, the "Russian Collusion" with the Trump Campaign, while the real Collusion between the Democrats, Hillary Clinton, and the Russians are not being investigated yet. 

In a desperate attempt to daily feeding those accusations, the DNC, aided by the MSM, continue a mad campaign trying to derail the President's Administration.

The DOJ is showing little interest in anything else than the Mueller's "investigation" that has not shown any evidence after one and a half years of interviews, a few subpoenas, and indictments.  

They are maintaining the same results as before: No proof, nothing substantial and definitively no evidence to add to the subject.

Finally, Robert Mueller seems ready to unveil the end of the charade and the results of the research that has taken two years. Mueller, under the Law, must personally and secretly release the

final report of the investigation, to the Attorney General, William


Barr, who in turn, after ascertaining that State secrets are not divulged or endangering any person mentioned in it, he will publish or not, at his discretion, what he considers the public and even Congress can find out. That is the Law.

The Media has gone Postmodern Liberal all the way, and it is even obstructing the people to learn the truth.  The Liberal Journalists have embarked in an open war against the President and the White House staff. 

This fact is enormously aggravated by several leaks coming from the same White House, by old holdover employees left by the Obama Administration, who have engaged in an unfair and illegal inside espionage and disbursement of classified information to the Media. 

Unfortunately, the publication of classified data is not a crime, although obtaining said data it is a punishable crime.  So the Media can publish the illegally obtained information, damage the Government plans and in many cases, jeopardizing lives in the Secret Service and other Security Agencies. 

The New York Times has repeatedly breached the rules.  It seems they are using the so-called “undisclosed sources,” as an alibi to publish illegally obtained classified information, which becomes legal after washed by the “intermediate” intervention of the unfaithful Obama's holdover bureaucrats, sad and unpatriotic. Keep in mind that due to some archaic laws of our Government, it is practically impossible to fire a public official.

Also, The New York Times, Washington Post, other large newspapers, the Press Agencies, and many Internet Blogs, are contributing to the daily making of alternative news, many of them fake, others coming from "undisclosed sources," nowadays a favorite way to hide or dismiss the veracity of the published information.

All these events are contributing to an increasing loss of faith in the Press and the TV news by the American people.

The known mantra that keeps the Postmodern Liberal movement going is equality or diversity, a questionable assertion as performer Kathy Perry commented after the killing of 22 young children in the Manchester, UK venue by an Islamic Terrorist:  ‘No Barriers, No Borders, We All Just Need to Co-Exist.'  Is this even real?  Do the Islamic faith followers think the same,? of course not. 

Consult history books, especially on the XVII and XVIII century and learn what the real intention of Islam is. Moreover, the fading performer Madonna, saying publicly: "Many times I thought to place a bomb in the White House."  In other countries, people go to jail or get executed for less than that.


65-Co-Existence But With An Order.

There is no doubt, we all should co-exist in this Planet, but a Borderless World is not yet a viable reality.  People are not all prepared and educated for that.  The USA is the potential big loser if that would happen.

However, nevertheless, the Media insist in deviating the subject, and instead of spreading the news as they come, they insist on continuing their agenda, mainly consisting in seeing President Trump as a "trial President." 

The prestigious Journalist Bob Woodward, of renown for bringing the Nixon's Watergate case to the front pages, had a saying about the subject.

Mr. Woodward, who is also a moderated Liberal just labeled the Journalists as "smug," criticized the US Media for presenting Mr. Trump Presidency in a falsely way.  Mr. Woodward also described it as a state of "hyperventilation."

"I think there are so many people treating the Trump presidency as if it is a tryout or as if it is provisional," Woodward said. "Odds are, he is probably going to be president for a full term, four years, maybe even more."

During Trump Administration tenure, the Media has occupied their airtime with 97% of anti-Trump issues.  Their panels are a 9 to 1 rate of anti-Trump pundits, and the vitriol is abundant on their political shows, as we have not seen ever before.

It is an obsession, a fanatical obsession with a daily increase due to the frustration of not advancing on the allegations or adding any proof to the so-called "Collusion with the Russians."



It could be hilarious if it were not pathetic.

Both, the Mainstream Media and the Postmodern Liberal Movement are trying to impose the notion that a blanket of diversity and equality should cover the whole World, allowing flattening the human race and ignoring the natural values and virtues, exactly the thought of Marx and Engels.

The idea seems to be, having a mass of people rejoicing in their mediocrity, happy with an absence of competition at any level.

The Mainstream Media, with its heavyweight influence, is adding fuel to the fire by dangerously twisting the information they provide to the American People.

However, here is a paradox, the corporations with Liberal leadership undoubtedly employ the cream of the crop, not by equality but by excellence.  The practice is not questionable. However, the point is that not everything is about "equality," since competition is a choice, especially at the top — something the Postmodern Liberals hate.

Take for instance the first international trip of President Trump, undeniable political success and a boost to America's prestige, unfortunately, lost in part by the Obama Administration.  Moreover, the recent end of the Korean War declaration after seventy years and the failure of several Presidents to reunite the two countries is a sample.  Two months before the reunion, President Trump was indicated as a treat to the World Peace and possibly initiating the Third World War.  The Postmodern Liberals said that Trump was crazy, unfit to be President, and all kinds of negative adjectives were said.  Today, those same individuals are just about to commit suicide if President Trump gets the Nobel Peace Prize. Various World heads of State as the Arab King, Israeli Prime Minister, and many others, have praised the 'return' of the USA as a World-Leader, a victory that belongs to Donald Trump, but that the US Media, unpatriotically, deliberately ignores.

This attitude is providing enormous damage to the country's reputation, after eight years of Obama Administration when the USA lost a significant part of its power and influence in the World, particularly in the Middle East, only apologizing for past actions.   Obama, by omission, helped to the mess we see today in the region. He never made us proud of our Nation.

At home, Bob Mueller and the Main Street Media are trying to ignore the facts and instead, they continue to insist in the ill-famous "collusion with the Russians" that after two years has produced no evidence at all of its existence. 


Postmodern liberals have assumed the political leadership in The Democrat Party, embraced by weak  leaders who, lacking attractive programs to move forward, rely on leftist grassroots activists to campaign against President Trump. The news, are concentrating their air-time on 97% dedicated to continuing to accuse the President's Campaign of wrong-doing falsely.   However, only a 3% of their airtime is devoted to informing of the President's successful International success and the message he is delivering to the people, so essential to the World's peace and the recovering of the US old lost prestige.

Political Correctness is far more critical to the Media that the President's restoring the USA prestige and the political weight in the International scene.  They do not want the President to succeed.


67-Here We Are Now:

With the Postmodern Liberals taking hostage the traditional politicians, exacerbated by an independent Bernie Sanders insane proposal, to turn our country Socialist, now imitated by most of the other pre-candidates and without a clear Democrat Party’s leadership at sight, Postmodern Liberals are demanding that race, gender, ethnicity, and other sensitive social issues be revised and weirdly updated to please an elite of some Liberal University teachers commanded by the LGBTQ. The Islamist awkwardly assists the group, of mainly Socialist, Communist, Anarchist, pro-illegal and non-white illegal aliens. 

They have established an all-out war against white-male people, which they consider poisonous and oppressive or "White Supremacist" as they like to label them.


The Postmodern Liberals have taken the political leadership in the Democrat Party, embraced by weak politicians that, lacking an attractive political platform to push forward, are counting on the grassroots activists from the Left, to campaign against President Trump.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to govern under incredible negative pressure, even from some members of his own Party, and the Washington Establishment.

The Mainstream Media completes the vilification of the President, by hiding his accomplishments, magnifying his acts as questionable, lying, and inventing fake news.


68-The Postmodern Liberal Movement Chronology.

We must remember the Chronology, attached to the correlative Presidencies and the mutation of the Liberal Ideology thru the years, especially its relationship with the LGBTQ movement.

All began in the 1960s, when a young, handsome and intelligent member of the US royalty, John F. Kennedy was elected President and his Liberal ideas began pushing the Old, Stagnating Conservative partisans to favor the new renovating schemes Kennedy suggested.

The sexual liberation was at a peak, just as Vladimir Lenin was counseling to the Left, taking over a Conservative Government in his 1913 Decalogue: "Give the youth complete sexual freedom."   I will publish later, the 1913 Lenin's Decalogue.

That was, probably, the first incursion of the real Left in the  plans for a future government and the addition of the LGBT community (although they adopt the name only after the Stonewall Riots in 1969.)  Until then, the LGBT movement was only a project, but The Democrat Party always supported the bold move and influential in achieving social progress for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, although keeping a low profile in public. "I speak tonight for the dignity of man and the destiny of democracy." President Johnson began his 1965 speech to Congress, which led to support the Voting Rights Act, putting a legal end to obstacles preventing people of color from voting. 

However, President Johnson was not clear about the rights of the LGBT movement in the developing stages. Now they have added the "Q" for Qeer. 

The Conservatives were reluctant to accept some practices that were rejected by most religions and socially disregarded by the majority as anti-natural and disgusting, especially on males.

However, the natural development of the human race, supported by the Democrats, was not about to give up with such an extraordinary act of liberation from the traditions, in particular on the Conservative side.

Sexual intercourse between the same sexes exists since ancient time.  Although considered by Conservatives as an unnatural practice, it is impossible to deny its existence. 

Kept in the dark to the majority, a minority, especially the elites, was mostly practiced in secret and as an essential part of some folks, in the ruling class, which while not talking about it, made it an integral part of their lifestyle.

Thru history, sex has been since time immemorial, a dominant element in the background of any society.

However, never before, had surfaced with such emphasis and determination, as in the 1960s.

The Democrat Party immediately adopted a positive approach to the LGBT movement, fundamental to the future elections.

Then, in 1976, Jimmy Carter's famous phrasing: “I never knew of any word or action of Jesus Christ that discriminated against anyone,” twisting his strong Christian faith, gave a pass to the new movement. 

Here was a message that the Democrat Party Liberal philosophy was backing the LGBT.

The Liberal Ideology was, little by little dominating the Democrat Party more than ever before.


In 1984, Ronald Reagan was elected, and his beloved Hollywood community was the first, hit by AIDS when their icon Rod Hudson, died from it.


Reagan, although in a 1985 press conference, mentioned that AIDS was “top priority” and “no question about the seriousness" of the disease and the “need to find an answer” for its cure, only talked publicly about it in a formal speech, in 1987.

Nancy and Ronald Reagan, as long-time members of the Hollywood community, always had Gay friends, even in the White House Years, but the President considered that the AIDS crisis was a punishment coming from God, to the lewdness of the Gay male people.  The public baths’ promiscuity was the main source of AIDS' spreading.

We all know that homosexual practice is commonly shared among the artistic community, and its members have always been the ones to advocating for the Society's acceptance.

However, President Reagan does not have a good record in pushing for the development of the AIDS crisis help.

About five billion dollars were assigned to control and cure of the AIDS disease.  Was that number enough?  Of course, it was not, but it was an acknowledgment and the beginning of the Government help to fight a devastating illness.

Ronald Reagan was a man of integrity, and as such, his convictions sometimes clashed with his duties as a President.  Nobody can deny his kindness and good faith before an issue long condemned by all religious scriptures.

However, the natural development of the human race, supported by the Democrats, was not about to give up with such an extraordinary act of liberation from the traditions, in particular on the Conservative side.  However, nobody can deny his kindness and good faith before an issue long condemned by all religious scriptures.

So, life is made of changes and the only permanent are precisely the changes. 

However, the natural development of the human race, supported by the Democrats, was not about to give up with such an extraordinary act of liberation from the traditions, in particular on the Conservative side.

A large part of the Society decided a long time ago that sex, although initially the fundamental element for the species to reproduce and survive was being extended to be a recreational part of life and also confirmed as an active component of the human's sexual attraction. Sexual intercourse between the same sexes exists since ancient time.  Although considered by Conservatives as an unnatural practice, it is impossible to deny its existence. 

Kept in the dark to the majority, a minority, especially the elites, was always practiced in secret and as an essential part of some folks in the ruling class, which while not talking about it, made it an integral part of their lifestyle.

Thru history, sex has been, since time immemorial a dominant element in the background of any society.

However, never before, had surfaced with such emphasis and determination, as in the 1960s.

The Party immediately adopted a positive approach to the LGBT movement, fundamental to the future elections.

It would be impossible to define accurately, the real meaning of sex between the same genders.  It is beyond description, and highly controversial, for any attempt to do it.  So, We will avoid having a final opinion on it.


A firm believer in traditional marriage, President George H.W. Bush, elected in 1988, slowly changed his feelings towards Gay marriage on the human side, keeping his first preference on the traditional one between a Man and a Woman.

While a staunch defender of the traditional values, the Bush Administration made some progress in the development of AIDS prevention and eventual cure, although the LGBT leadership considered as a little help to their issues.

However, with the appearance of the handsome Bill Clinton in the political scene, married to a stunning, ambitious woman, dedicated to the women's advancement in life, was when the LGBT made strides, in the background, towards real progress in their ambitions.



Clinton, an undoubtedly Liberal Democrat, was the first candidate to openly court the LGBT voters when in 1991, met with the movement advocates in Hollywood.


Then in the 1992 election, helped by Hillary, showed a dual position that cleverly he did not want to get far apart from conservative supporters.

In 1993, President Clinton signed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” which allowed gay men and women to serve in the armed services if they were to keep their sexuality a secret.

In 1996, Clinton told the LGBT magazine "The advocate," he believed marriage to be an institution for the union of men and women, period, and he was not reviewing it or considers it for a change.

The LGBT community kept lobbying Clinton Administration and thru Hillary's help, siding with them on many issues, although not supporting them all the way, slowly was mutating until in 2011.  

After signing the DOMA into law in 1996, and being criticized by the Gay community as anti-Gay, in 2013, Bill Clinton urges for the legalization of Gay marriage.  The Supreme Court later overruled DOMA in 2015.

By the time George W. Bush was elected, in 2000, the advancements the LGBT movement had made was so significant that it was impossible to keep a contrary position to widespread Gay practice, even in the political community. 

Several aides to the Bush Administration were almost openly Gay, while the whole US population was changing their initial Conservative position, moving into a more friendly understanding of a generalized practice and the acceptance of the Gay Marriage in many States.

Bush 43rd had a Vice-President with a Lesbian daughter, and several aides in his White House were also Gay.

By 2009, after a brutal fight between Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama for the Democrat Party Presidential nomination, the first African-American politician was a major Party's candidate.

The whole mood of the country shifted to the racial preferences, leaving the sexual issues to a second place, but without losing center stage.

People were ready to try a black president, primarily when the Republican candidate, John Mc Cain was weak; not a very popular one.  

However, there were other familiar issues, as the most popular TV series: "24" which was featuring a black President, very successfully winning the war on terrorism on the TV screen.

The American People is very sensible to the top-rated TV shows and their characters.

Although Barak Obama did not carry substantial political baggage, he featured a likable personality, a good speech and a Harvard University title in Law.

Mrs. Clinton conducted a weak campaign and her name, a primary reason the Democrat Party establishment was supporting her, was not enough to overwhelm the high Popularity of the first Black Presidential candidate.

After a nasty battle, which included the other pre-candidate, John Edwards, Barak Obama was chosen to run against John Mc Cain, whose addition of a strong, attractive female V.P. candidate, Sarah Palin was not enough to beat Obama.

So, the US had its first Black President in history.

From the beginning, Obama's discourse was focused on everyone, with the objective to reach a broad range of voters.  He knew that the poor (Blacks in its majority) LGBT, Hispanic and Liberals, supported him, as representing the voters postponed by the Establishment, and his populist discourse emphasized precisely that; he was giving the LGBT ample expectation for equality.

“Every single American -- gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual, transgender -- every single American deserves to be treated equally in the eyes of the law and the eyes of our society.  It is a pretty simple proposition."

-President Barack Obama said, October 1, 2011.

Obama signed a few Laws that benefited the LGBT, as Ensuring Hospital Visitation Rights for LGBT Patients and their loved



ones, passed Hate Crimes Prevention Act into law.

Obama also fulfilled a pledge to those with HIV by developing and releasing the Nation’s first comprehensive plan to respond to the domestic HIV epidemic.  He signed numerous administrative actions to advance equality for LGBT Federal employees, setting an example for all employers, and in general, other acts helping the LGBT community to end discrimination and make advancements.

That behavior assured him later, the re-election in 2012 for one more period.

However, Obama did not take care of his race.  Particularly in the North of the Country, Blacks did not make substantial advancements, while Obama did furiously work to ensure that Islamic people made strides towards their recognition as a decent religion was taken seriously, despite the continuous attacks by Radical Islamic Terrorists in the US and the World.

Obama never pronounced the phrase: Radical Islamic Terrorists, limiting their reference as ISIL and always dismissing their responsibility for the terrorist acts as the "Ivy League."

Obama duplicated the National Debt of less than 10 trillion dollars, inherited from George W. Bush, leaving an enormous burden of 20 trillion dollars at the end of his term.

We could assume he spent the money on increasing the "Benefit" program in several millions of claimants, which include millions of illegal aliens who also entered other Government aid programs, displacing scores of Natural US Citizens in need. 

Obama also squandered millions on foreign aid, especially to Islamic Countries, with money taken from the Military and other domestic programs.

Therefore, the Twenty Trillion dollars of the National Debt, sunk the country's economy and provoked the closing of thousands of factories, displacing millions of workers who sadly saw the industries they worked for, migrating to countries like Mexico, China, and others.

As times go by, traditional families, knowing of Gay relatives, friends, unable to express dissatisfaction with their decisions, are mostly accepting their sexual preferences selection, as an irreversible fact.

In regions like the West Coast, principally the State of California has become the stronghold of the Liberals, which now, I call the Postmodern Liberal Movement.

The group’s growth has been enormous by the addition of the Illegal Aliens, undocumented workers, who expect the Movement give them the dreamed status: American Citizenship, but principally the explosion of the LGBTQ, which with the times, keep boldly coming out of the closet. 

They are helped by full acceptance of their sexual practices, which throughout the years, have collected significant support from regular people, so, we could say now, that the LGBTQ is a strong Movement, not only in the US but also throughout the world.

Although in the beginning, the Conservative Movement had rejected broad support for the Gay Community, slowly but consistently people have realized that it was impossible to keep a hostile attitude against the LGBTQ.

However, the Conservative principles must not be forgotten, and the morals and old standards should be preserved, notably the Marriage Institution, which in our opinion should remain between a man and a woman. 

I am not opposed to recognizing a Civil Union between the same sexes, with all the legal privileges, but not to call it Marriage.  A difference must be kept, just, because they are different institutions.


75-The White Male Supremacy Syndrome.

75-The Sanctuary Cities And Illegal Immigration.

Postmodern Liberals are trying, by all means, to make being a white male a sin, a horrible individual that eats children alive, that rapes women and suck their blood.  Something out of this World and unwelcomed.   They propagate the hatred against them in Universities, Colleges, Schools and on the streets of cities that support the arguably Sanctuary status, by the way, misinterpreted. 


The Sanctuary Cities suppose to offer shelter to illegal immigrants, afraid that the Homeland Security and the INS could break up their families and deport some of its members, however, never to protect criminals.

It is surreal that said "Sanctuary Cities/States Law" would go against the country’s Federal immigration legislation in such a controversial way, but thanks to the Main Street Media, beginning with the Associated Press that changed its AP Stylebook to provide an exception, are trying to modify the rules. 

They wrote: "Except in direct quotes essential to the story, using the word illegal only to refer to an action, not a person: illegal immigration, but not an illegal immigrant."

We believe if someone enters the USA, violating the immigration laws, it becomes an illegal alien.  If you do not like the law, ask Congress to write a new one, but meanwhile, we must observe the current laws, then, major U.S. newspapers such as the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, and USA Today, adopted similar guidance. 

"The New York Times style guide similarly states that the term illegal immigrant may be considered "loaded or offensive."   Moreover, advise journalists to explain the particular circumstances of the person in question or to focus on actions: "who crossed the border illegally; who overstayed a visa; who is not authorized to work in this country."  (All the cases mentioned here became “illegal aliens,” and those "journalists" are challenged to try staying "undocumented" in Iran, North Korea, or any other World country, including Mexico and see if they could write a story about their experience.

The Media is a significant contributor to the establishment of the Postmodern Liberal culture or Liberal Politics, forcing changes accordingly with their personal views of the Laws.  This practice is similar to “Legislating from the bench,"  (As it is the case with the Judges who do not interpret the Law as written). Some journalists try to fabricate opinions and applying them to laws from their pens or pixels.

The result is a gross misapplication of legislation and a constant fight between the Federal Government and the Municipal Governments (including the City's dependent Police Departments).

Disobedience, citations of Constitutional Laws, local Laws and all kinds of resources are part of a fierce battle that meanwhile, Some pro-illegal organizations are assisting people who enter the USA without the necessary documents to appear being legal, while they are not, and coaching them to claim for asylum.

The leniency that started around the nineteen-eighties has allowed a population of between fifteen and 30 million people to stay in the USA without the proper documentation, whose majority is doing, paid work. Also, millions of illegal aliens have entered the Social Security System, that are supported by the taxpayers.  Some of them are paying taxes in the hopes that one day it could be of some help to obtain the green card and eventually the citizenship.

Looking at it from the human point of view, one can only feel sorry for the people affected but from the Constitutional perspective, if we do not enforce the Constitution, then the U.S. stops being a Republic, since what it makes a Republic is the observance and application of the Constitution. The problem has turned to a tacit invasion, that has forced the President to declare a "National Emergency," after Congress denied him 5.7 billion dollars to build a southern wall to stop the flow of caravans from Central America, bringing crime, diseases and some needy people.

On the other hand, most of those undocumented people have jobs, and they are contributing with their skills to the successful developing of business.  Besides, depriving the business owners of those employees, it would be devastating for them and their families too.  So, it is a big problem not easy to solve. The country needs some of those immigrants.  However, an uncontrolled flow becomes an invasion.

Back in 1974, for instance when I arrived in the US, there was a stricter control of the immigration, and except for some rare cases, the enforcement of the laws was tight and kept the order. 


Then, in part, because the farmer's need for cheap labor to harvest their crops, seasonally they were allowed to bring “braceros” or "pickers" from Mexico. 

The State governments looked the other way and said practice generalized to the point of “convenience” and the fact that American Citizens did not want to perform such work, moreover for a skimpy pay under the minimum wage.

Consumers also, looked the other way because that practice made possible much lower prices of produce in the supermarkets.

However, the “coyotes” or illegal aliens smugglers, took advantage of the leniency and together with the aspirant laborers entering the U.S., began smuggling drugs, making the southern border a corrupted place several thousand miles long. 

They made the Southern frontier the most dangerous permeable border where the Drug Lords and later the terrorist's had a free pass to enter the USA.

What it began with a convenient under the table deal, then developed into a major headache.

The Obama Administration did not want to face the truth, and the President ordered the Border Patrol to wash their hands.  They were ordered to “catch and release,” which in reality means, do not even bother with the illegal aliens. No other country in the World has such an insane immigration Law.

Very few people are thinking that many of those undocumented workers are taking jobs from the American Citizens or at least, helping to lower the wages.  It is also true that the country needs many of those workers.   Because undocumented people offer their services for less money, they get no workers comp or health benefits, however, under the table payments and other secretive deals open the way to illegal accounting methods and cheating on taxes.

As we can see, the problems have engrossed, and there are winners and losers.  Too much is too much.  We need to enforce the Federal laws, and that was one of the issues featured in Trump’s campaign.

The USA is a country of immigrants, undoubtedly, but how many is the limit?  When journalists ask advocates of undocumented people, nobody wants to answer, not even think of that question.  How many immigrants are good for the Country and its population,?  especially the illegal ones?

TV Celebrity Tucker Carlson asks the question almost every day to his guests, but to date, nobody has answered it.

Throwing a figure is difficult.  Maybe the market itself will set the number accordingly with the offer and demand, a proved working equation.  However, for that, we must get into an agreement between the two sides, that it seems to be almost impossible to achieve.  Maybe one day when we all mature.

So far, some estimates are indicating there are about 30 million illegal aliens in the USA.


79-The Trump Era.

The Postmodern Liberal leader’s utter ignorance, or the lack of concern for the results, other than beating the Conservatives, it is hard to believe.   It shows the Postmodern Liberal leadership is so confused that they cannot identify what makes the Left, the Left, what is Fascism, and other political and social concepts, frequently wrongly mentioned or geared to misleading people. 

The confusion is outrageous, and the adjectives utilized are mostly in disarray. 

However, the actors' utter ignorance is crucial.

Meanwhile, The Democrat Party is without a head, there is no credible or likable future candidate, the issues are questionable, and the complete effort of its members is spent throwing dirt at the President. 

They keep inventing accusations like the infamous "Russian Collusion," which after two years there is no credible proof, nor the constant charge against Mr. Trump's family, his campaign members, and White House Staff.

With the complicity of the Mainstream Media, whose reputation keeps rapidly deteriorating and is now much lower than the President's, the Democrats are giving away their chances to regain the lost White House, Congressional, and Governorship



However, what it hurts more, is the negative attitude of some Republican Legislators who are still on the side and fiercely trying to derail the President by voting against all his proposals. Recently, they voted against the President on the "National Emergency," alleging protecting the Constitution; an actual B.S.

However, the latest polls show Mr. Trump, if the elections were today, as the winner.

In an attempt to regain lost voters, the Democrats now announced a new "slogan," "A better deal," a reminiscence of President Franklin D. Roosevelt between 1933 and 1939, "For a New Deal."  Will it sell? 

'Better jobs, better economy, better paychecks, better future.'  It sounds like trying to sell Pizza.

Minority Leader Chuck Schumer expression:  "When you lose to somebody who has 40% popularity, you do not blame other things -- Comey, Russia -- you blame yourself," a tacit accusation to Hillary Clinton, who keeps blaming everybody else but herself for her defeat in the 2016 election.


Hillary Clinton's supporters have become wholly disheartened, unhinged, because she is not the president and from the leadership down to the last fan, have decided as she said, to "resist," even if this means to hurt our country, politically, socially, its international reputation, the economy, and the National Security. They only care about regaining power.

In a desperate rampage to destroy President Trump with the help of the Mainstream Media, the money from Hollywood's elite, a brutally negative campaign has taken center-stage to destroy the 45th President. 

Trump has called it a "Witch-Hunt" like no other President, or Politician has suffered in history.

The Press has significantly contributed to building President Trump’s discredit, mainly by suppressing the positive content of his Government advances and about his performance, but also by creating fake news or enhancing the unsubstantiated allegations of wrongdoings as the famously pre-fabricated "Russian Collusion."

The President has labeled the Mainstream Media as anti-American People.

The daily mentioned "Collusion with the Russians" by the MSM has become a mantra, repeated like a bell tolling, although the proof is inexistent. 

The odd issue is that the principal Security Agencies’ officials and judicial executives (all appointed by the Obama Administration) have found no evidence at all of any Russian Collusion. 

However, the false accusations continue to be propelled by The Democrat Party members and Mainstream Media outputs.   

Today, it is the central theme of the speculative talk, and the principal subject of accusations, yet without any evidence.

However, the Postmodern Liberals, disappointed by the inexistence of proof about the "Russian Collusion Hoax" are now charging against Mr. Trump, accusing him of protecting the "White Supremacist." 

The President's declarations after the Charlottesville march, attacked by the Far-Left counter-demonstration, has initiated another disproportionate accusation to Mr. Trump, who is the President of "All Americans," as he expressed sadness and concern with the violence on "many sides," an ethical concern for the President of all Americans.

Of course, the Media will never be satisfied or would side with the President.  Their only goal is the President's destruction.  So sad we are so divided by evil on the Press.

Democrats expect that Robert Mueller, the appointed Independent Prosecutor, in a questionable "phishing operation" will find their desperately needed evidence or even a crime that would bring the President down or impeach.  

Sadly, the independent prosecutor has named seventeen lawyers, all exclusive supporters, and donors of Hillary Clinton

and Barak Obama, as his helpers in the investigation.  (?)  See Chapter 1 (The James Comey Leak.)




Also, now the efforts are geared toward another fabricated accusation: the alleged Obstruction of Justice on the ex-FBI Director James Comey, already Legally fired by the President.

New information shows that Comey decided to not prosecuting Hillary Clinton, two months before she was questioned and the investigation finished.

Now, out of frustration and in an evident intention to keep those accusations alive, they have shifted the attention to the President's son in Law, Jared Kushner, and his older son Don Jr., who are being the subject of an alleged FBI investigation, although no accusations have been formally made as yet.

Also, the President's son, Don Jr. who innocently accepted an invitation to meet with a Russian Lawyer who offered him some information about illegal acts of Hillary Clinton, but mainly about children adoption in Russia, is being subject to an investigation, although the criminal aspect has already been dismissed.

Obsession has taken center stage, and the DNC, supported by the Mainstream Media, incessantly pound the airwaves and printed news in an open campaign to derail the Presidency.

Fake news is the other component in the witch-hunt our President is experiencing.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump continued his schedule.  


As a person born and raised in the South-American part of the Continent, it is weird seeing the Postmodern Liberal Movement actions in the US. 

Moreover, we are witnessing similar patterns on how the Communist/Socialist philosophy entered in the Latin-American countries, and how the same totalitarian techniques are reproducing in the US.  Although it is different in many aspects, it shows similar roots and results. 

However, the Language, the culture, the Anglo-Saxon origins, the Capitalistic model, so successful in the USA which has made it the most desired country to work and live in the World, is showing some similar Lefty strategy.  An undesirable practice, which today, embedded in the Postmodern Liberal Movement, is now driving The Democrat Party's politics.

Having witnessed many Far-Left similar patterns destroying so many economies in the World, the idea opens a question mark challenging to an answer.

We attribute the similarity in part, to the massive Latin-America immigration, primarily composed of individuals with lower education or in some cases no education at all.  

These people that came looking for a better life for their families, first by entering the US illegally, getting jobs, and after that with their savings sending money to their relatives in their birth countries, are bringing now their families to the US, taking advantage of some stupid laws: The chain migration and the Lotto. 

This immigration, mostly illegal, is an expression that the Postmodern Liberals consider valid and useful for the country, although in blatant violation of the existent Federal immigration laws.

We need to re-establish Law and Order.


83-The Different Fronts Against Trump.  False Accusations.

83-Hillary's Many Delinquent Acts.

The Mainstream Media, The Democrat Party, The Liberal Movement, the Never Trumpers, and of course the Deep State, are the Postmodern Liberal’s helpers and each one of them has brought issues to destroy the President's reputation and derailing his Government.

However, the Mainstream Media is the loud megaphone, spreading the hatred and the fake news.

Among the most popular: The "Russian collusion," a hoax that after two years has not shown a shred of proof, now replaced by the “racism,” “Nazism,” and “White supremacist,” after the sad events in Charlottesville, Va.

Moreover, the twisted interpretation of the President’s declarations, saying that the guilt should have been divided between “many sides.” 



We must remember while the Right-wing protesters had a permit to rally, the Alt-Left did not have any permit, and they started the aggression, armed to war.

We all agree the KKK, Nazis and White supremacists are despicable, but the Laws should apply equally to all citizens, especially after Government grants a permit to the one party.

Meanwhile, on the Democrat's side, the Hillary Clinton's scandalous behavior, deleting 33.000 emails which the DOJ subpoenaed her to keep, the dozen smartphones (Blackberry, iPhone, and others) that were smashed with a hammer.  The several hard disks also physically destroyed, and others deleted thru an "Acid bit" process are still to be investigated by the FBI and Congress.  

Also, the 40 minutes reunion in the A.G, Loretta Lynch's plane between Bill Clinton and her, one week before the A.G. desisted to follow a criminal prosecution against Hillary.  

Now, we learn that Comey made the decision not to indict Clinton, even before the FBI conducted the Hillary investigation.

The Dossier on Trump by Ukrainian Agents, accusing him of bad behavior in Russia, all resulted in being false.

Also, the former DNC Chief Debbie Wasserman, who hired the IT Arwan Brothers and paid them four million dollars for unknown computer work, presumably leaked information outside the country to Pakistan and other nations. 

Moreover, the indictment of the Arwan family for Bank Fraud, after being intercepted by the Police when one of them trying to board a plane going to Pakistan and previously wiring $ 300.000.-  to himself.

Moreover, the top of the crop: The selling of 20% of the US Uranium, by Hillary Clinton to Russia's Vladimir Putin. 

Right after the de deal, Russia gave the Clinton Foundation one hundred forty-five million dollars "donation" and paid Bill Clinton, personally, one-half million dollars in fees for a speech in Moscow.

These are only part of the accusations pending against Hillary and Bill Clinton, but the "Unmasking" of GOP members authorized by National Security Adviser Susan Rice and CIA Director John Brennan, who have acknowledged making such requests without specifying the reasons, brings the Obama Administration to a questionable political act against the Laws.

The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee is accusing President Obama's top political aides of making hundreds of requests during the 2016 presidential race to unmask the names of Americans in the intelligence reports, including Trump transition officials.  So far, nobody knows who made the requests.

A long string of pearls, yet to be investigated by the DOJ, which kept operating without a real A.G. since Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russian investigation, delegating power on Rod Rosenstein, a President Trump's foe. Now, a new A.G., William Barr has taken charge at the DOJ.


As the events continue to develop, the Democrat Party and the Postmodern Liberals continue to elaborate different lies and forms to discredit the President.  Now, after the flooding in Texas and Louisiana, the ridiculous critics about Melania’s shoes, developed in criticism of Mr. Trump and his lack of empathy for the Texan victims, an entirely absurd view of reality from the MSM twisted minds.  Meanwhile, the Democrats that are ready to begin the "Witch-Hunt 2.0," issued 81 subpoenas to individuals and corporations linked to Donald Trump.

However, after the release of the Mueller report showing that no Americans were involved in the Collusion with the Russians, Senator Lindsey Graham is determined to open an investigation on possible collusion between Hillary, Democrat Party and the Russians.  Let’s see.

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