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Postmodern LIBERALISM is a narrative of our political reality and the worst attack on Western Civilization by a weird political/religious alliance: Liberals+Democratic Party + Hollywood Elite + LGBTQ + Mainstream Media

+ The Left + Washington Establishment, all renamed by the Author as “Postmodern  LIBERALISM” 

 But the Islamist,? Do they fit?

J. Pelegrin gives us a thrilling vision of the perils involved in such alliance, a vivid comparison with the old Scriptures and the absolute need to re-think future strategies to make our World a better place to live and develop a civilized modern Moral Society.
The extremes are always to be avoided, and this is our people's opportunity to re-think which way to go, to achieve a successful heritage for the generations to come.

A serious book.    ...A must read.

Click the pdf icon to read up to Ch. 4
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