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              "A different modern day's Musical Film and a Broadway Play."

     It is a movies viewed on a Broadway stage.

           Scenes change thru lighting, just like on the silver screen.


JAY, 6 dancers and their Manager, leave Texas home to attend a Broadway audition, hoping to replace a group of dancers injured in an accident. JAY falls in love with MONICA, a troubled talented girl. Strange NYC characters, get in the picture, who radically alter their lives.

A Musical Film, with unexpected situations. Love, suspense, special Fx, drugs, chases, crime and great Pop, Hip-Hop & Tap dancing music. 

    As the only Musical Film selected at the “2015 Beverly Hills Film Festival”, “DREAM FACTORY" promises to be the Next Big Musical Film, viewed on a Broadway stage.

By only judging the Screenplay, without listening to the music or haven’t learned about the planned dancing styles (Tap, Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Modern), as seen on the TV Hit “So you Think You Can Dance,” “DREAM FACTORY” has been welcomed on board at this year’s Festival.

A love story, Crime, Special FX, Suspense and even a Car Chase, the Broadway scene characters, propose an exciting modern days Musical.

Set in a New York scenery and the  Music composed by the legendary “J.O.B Music”, with many Gold Records in the Spanish Market and 4 big Hits created in the USA for the English Market, a Soundtrack including  Pop, Hip-Hop, Ballads and Jazz pieces, is about to impact the Film Industry as a Memorable Musical Film, in the vein of “WEST SIDE STORY”

To make this kind of projects possible and film it with quality and professionalism, many obstacles must be overcomed.  It's not easy.  First of all, some of the big companies in the Industry have to be involved, since the appropiate Casting, an important  part of the project must be the right one and of course the proper distribution must be implemented.

We have an important part of the project solved that is the Music, which is all recorded in a professional quality demo, available in these pages.

Our Casting suggestions it is another dream that if we can realize it, only in part it will be, no doubts a Big success, a memorable Musical Film in the vein of many memorable Hollywood Musical Films.


So far, besides de nomination as finalist on the "BEVERLY HILLS FILM FESTIVAL" that I attended from 4/29/15 to 5/3/15 in Hollywood and the interesting Film Industry professionals I met there, I'm looking for a Literary Agent to re-submit the "DREAM FACTORY" Project to some major Production Companies, to comply with the legal aspects of a possible deal.

I hope that we could follow up on that in a near future.



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