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DEATH IS ONLY AN ILLUSION is a Fiction Novel about the parallel worlds.

Synopsis 2


Fiction collides with reality on this fascinating contemporary times Novel!

When Martin Frost, a Philosophy professor at an NYC University closes his class and the lecture year, in a speech to his students, he quotes: "DEATH IS ONLY AN ILLUSION," from the Vedic philosophy.  Some curious students want to know more about the subject and invite the Professor to expand on the theme privately. 

A visitor from an alternative Planet appears on the scene, looking for help to stop an imminent invasion by some Earthlings' Terrorists, aiding a radical rogue group from the Alternative Planet's to taking over his Homeland. 

Invited to travel to the visitor's Parallel World, the group enjoys what they see and commits to helping them. 

Some of the student's parents, former CIA operatives, join the Professor and friends to form a "Garrison" to aiding the man from the Alternative Planet to defend his native soil.  Being some of the group, high-tech scientists, they build an elaborate spying set-up that unveils a terrible radical's plan to take over the Parallel Planet, plotted by a bunch of the remote planet’s rogue inhabitants.  Citing 6500-year-old Vedic Scriptures, Professor Frost’s insists in binding Philosophy and Science together, thru consciousness, a new element, now recognized by scientists, after new discovering about the Parallel Planets and Parallel Universes.

Science is opening up to include philosophy as the viable reality in human minds, and that is Martin Frost focal point.  Colliding with Fiction, Science meeting with Philosophy, allow exciting developments, allowing different ways to see the Multiverse.

Exhilarating action, high in Philosophy, Sciences, Religion, Morals and unexpected developments in an electrifying thrilling plot.

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