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Talking or even thinking about the material Universes seems inexplicable unless God's hands are involved. Albert Einstein described the material energy as mc2, which rather than clarifying it dumps most of us into the greatest mystery.

He also showed us that measuring distance is only possible from the point of observation, and of course, our ability to travel the distance to the target. However, although the Universes are material, their origins are spiritual. It is my opinion the particle that generated the expansion we call "The Big Bang" originated from spiritual energy created by God. So, I think of the Universes as a combination of at least two levels: Material and spiritual energies.

Attempting to describe the Universal matter is a task that, besides being impossible to be accomplished by musicians, can, at times, be joyful and challenging to listeners. Imagination triggers different meanings and feelings even ignored by the musicians who create it or, better said, arrange sounds harmoniously, melodic, and timely.

So, here is my humble contribution based on my earthly appreciation of the vibrations and energy perceived observing the sky, an activity I've been experiencing since I was a young child. What a joy!



Regardless of the physical experiences achieved by observation thru telescopes, in my opinion, Black Holes are a "concept" and a window into the unexplored. The mystery is a key, not only materialistically. It opens up to the spiritual part of the Universes. The unknown, although sometimes frightening, is always exciting.


Music playing brings the feelings out in very different ways. Listeners interpret sound waves personally according to the actual mood and state of mind. Depth could be a dangerous feeling of uncertainty or a calm relaxation state giving way to unnumerable experiences.


Dressed in an aggressive red color, Mars is a war reminder planet. Ancient Romans called it a "War planet" because it reminded them of blood spills. Humans are the leading war soldiers, making it a man's environment. But also women in a lesser quantity but no less bravery are participants in wars, which gives the planet a touch of femininity that softens its tone, blending feelings without losing power.


Of course, we'll never know what kind of beings inhabit a planet. Some could even be home to strange cultures or unknown species of life. That is the greatest mystery of all, mainly because it involves spirit souls of any kind. Respect for all of those we don't know is a must. 


As a child, living by the sea, laying down in a garden across the waves, hitting the rocks, I spent hours looking to the sky with the principal question in mind: “What would it be beyond the scope seen by my eyes?” The mystery, attenuated in part by science and technology, remains in my mind.


As an introduction to this venture, the ethereal sounds of wind passing thru metal and wood give a sense of space atmosphere soon interrupted by a bang that takes us to a rhythmical beat and interactions of melodic lines. Harmonies bring a sense of feelings, movements, and body expressions. 

PLUTO'S SAD: Quoting a dear friend, a prominent US Astronomer, "I am saddened that the International Astronomical Union bullied the world into disrespecting such an important object in our Solar System!" I agree with him. That is why this track, I hope, transmits my sad feelings.

B CENTAURY B: In the 1990s, thru the Keppler Telescope, scientists found the first Exoplanets. Now we live in a universe of exoplanets. B Centaury B is the latest discovery, and its nature, larger than Earth, is mysterious and puzzling, so the music tries to paint our new neighbor spooky and vague. Exciting!

 VENUS IS FEMALE: Named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty, ancient astronomers believed to be two stars, the peaceful morning and the tumultuous evening. With a mass of about 80% of Earth's, it's boiling and moody, just as a beautiful woman. I hope this track reflects what's been said.

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