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I'm J.O.B. and I'm a Music & 
Video Producer, Musician, Arranger, Composer, Writer, Recording Engineer, among many other things.

This Website was constructed to reach  all my fans, symphatizers and curious people, interested in knowing about my music and video productions.  

i hope i can fulfill your expectancies


This is the name that started it all and brought my fellows and I, the opportunity to travel to other lands carrying our music to be enjoyed by a different type of audience.

Perú,Chile,Brazil,Argentina,Venezuela  and México, were the countries, who's public gave us their love and support. Something unforgettable!


​​This is the name of the group formed to produce a series of albums carrying a message from our beloved Spiritual Master: Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada about Krishna Consciousness.

I produced 3 albums, entitled:


2- "ATMA, in Transit

3- "ALL YOU SEE IS ME" (featuring other                    artists).

They were sold on the world's streets, by the Krishna Devotees.  5 million copies were pressed at the time.

Under this name, I produced and performed a "Cool Jazz" Album: "REFLECTIONS" an instrumental featuring Master Guitarist: Don Vintsen and keyboardist: Santos Dumont Duran. It's an instrumental album.

"J.O.B. & Friends"


This is the actual name, under which, I'm producing from now on, being the first production: "CORRUPTION"



My musical history goes back to the beginning of the group “LOS 4 BRILLANTES”, formed in Uruguay by the 60’s, with Yvonne (Lead Singer), Roberto (bajo), Ricardo (guitarra) and me, Jorge (keyboards), than a little later added Hector (drums), who accompanied the Group until the end, by 1970’s.  
We began playing and singing in Uruguay, our homeland, traveling to Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, Perú and landing in Mexico, in 1964, were we remained until 1970, when we decided to go separate ways.
I’ve got employed by CBS Records Mexico as Artistic Director.  After 2 years, working for CBS Mexico, having produced several successful projects, encouraged by my Boss, (CBS MEXICO President) I decided to move to New York, were I founded my future.  My relationship with New York City, was “love at first sight”.  Since 1974 to the present has been my home, except for 8 years, between 1989 and 1998, were I had to take sometime off to attend to family matters, back in Uruguay.
New York City, has been a great deal in my life.  It brought me the opportunity to develop myself into a better musician and a better person, giving me the recognition and success that to these days had helped me to complete many of my dreams.  I’m very greatful to this City and its people.

In New York, I had the fortune to have produced 5 hit records and some others in the hit parade top 40’s:  “WALKING DOWNTOWN”, featuring “Black Ivory”, “IF YOU WANT ME”, by “Ecstasy, Passion & Pain”, “FEEL GOOD, PARTY TIME”, by J.R.Funk & the love machine”, “ROCK YOUR WORLD”,  by “Weeks & Co” and ‘”I DON’T WANNA LOSE IT”, featuring “Wayne Cooper”, former late “CAMEO” lead singer.
In 1998, returning to my beloved City of New York, the destiny took me thru various ways until I returned to my heart and soul: the music.  In 2005, with my best friend Sue Samuels, a dancer, choreographer and multi talented NYC icon, we approached something new fo us. We began to write a Musical Play, Broadway bounded  (THE DREAM FACTORY). 
By 2008, we finished the writing and composing the music and lyrics.  Some Broadway producers, read and listen to the music of our play and immediately showed interest in producing the show.  They even offered us to assign an expert budget director and Executive Producer, thinking on a production budget of 5 million dollars and the request to do it fast, since they needed to replace another fading Broadway play: "Spring Awakening"
Unfortunately, 14 days later, after  the Real Estate “Market Crash”,we received a notice, saying that due to the economical situation of the Country, the project had been postponed indefinitely  (All the investors were people from Wall Street).   Our dreams were shattered by the market crash. 

Dented by this disappointing fact, I began a reorganization of my life, that besides the Musical Play set-back, that lead me to my own financial collapse, ended in my own bankruptcy and a stroke.
Changes in the entertainment market took me to other new ways, were taking advantage of the Electronic Music escalation, I began to incursion in the Music Video production, combining my music creativity and the new visual aspect of it.
My First Music-Video production was released on Youtube, by April of 2012 and a few new productions are on the way.  I’ll publish them on this website as soon as they’re finished.

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