Electronic music eith a human touch.

For over 50 years, electronic sounds were made with the obvious intention to replace acoustic or electric instruments on the recordings and live performances. Some Producers attempted to break away and alter the sounds,

so they could bring new alternative sounds into the modern music.   But since the 2010, some Producers began to

make the expected change, giving the Electronic Music, its own identity by including original electronic sounds, totally new for our ears.   The public reacted in a very positive way.
These days, those electronic sounds, are very popular among the music lovers and there's a tendency to continue the pattern.
Being that I've been musically educated under the old fashion school, with Rimsky Korsakov's text in my night table, my aproach has been always to combine both schools and not let the mechanic sound and feel of electronic sounds, to prevail in my productions, generally adding some live playing, not quantized, to achieve my goal:  To  preserve the musicianship but using the new sounds and technology.  Without judging or demeaning the producers that work only with samples (they have created a different art of combining pieces originally recorded by others)  they've been re-arranging music in the style of a Disc Jockey (D.J.) providing the market with tunes that with a strong rhythm section are making the people dance in the clubs and at home.  In my case, I've decided to preserve and combine some "live" playing to integrate it to the new electronic trend and style.
So, here are muy productions,  I hope you will enjoy them.

Central Park Reservoir Lake - My favorite walk

A Fiction Novel about the Parallel Worlds

 by J. Pelegrin

Mostly banned by the Postmodern Liberal Media


(The All-Time Enemies on the March)

Synopsis 1

When Martin Frost, a Philosophy professor at an NYC University closes his class and lecture year, in a speech to his students, he quotes "DEATH IS ONLY AN ILLUSION," from the Vedic philosophy.  Some curious students want to know more about the subject and invite the Professor to expand on the theme privately.  A visitor from an alternative Planet appears on the scene, looking for help to stop an imminent invasion by Earthlings' Terrorists to take over his Planet. 

The Alien invites Martin and friends to visit his Parallel World; the group enjoys what they see and commits to helping.  Some student's parents, former CIA operatives, join the Professor and friends to form a "Garrison" to aid the man from the Parallel Planet to defend his remote homeland.  Exciting action, high in Philosophy, Sciences, Religion, Morals and unexpected developments in an electrifying thrilling plot.

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Book cover:


The UNIVERSES cover 4.0.jpg

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(An Obsesive Epidemic)

Postmodern LIBERALISM is a narrative of our political reality and the worst attack on Western Civilization by a weird political/religious alliance: Liberals-Democratic Party-LGBTQ-Hollywood Elite-Mainstream Media-The Left+Washington Establishment, renamed by the Author as Postmodern LIBERALISM.  But the Islam,? Do they fit?  J. Pelegrin gives us a thrilling vision of the perils involved in such alliance, a vivid comparison with the old Scriptures and the absolute need to re-think future strategies to make our World a better place to live and develop a modern moral Society. 

The extremes are always to be avoided, and this is our people's opportunity to re-think which way to go, to achieve a successful heritage for the generations to come. 

A serious book.  A must read.

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A Political Incorrect Book

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Next Project


As the only Musical Film selected at the “2015 Beverly Hills Film Festival”, “DREAM FACTORY” promises to be the Next Big Musical Film.

By only judging the Screenplay, without listening to the music or haven’t learned the planned dancing styles (Tap, Hip-Hop, Jazz and Modern), as seen on the TV Hit “So you Think You Can Dance”, “DREAM FACTORY” has been welcomed on board at this year’s Festival.

A love story, Crime, Special FX, Suspense and even a Car Chase, the Broadway scene characters, propose  an exciting modern days Musical.

Set in a New York scenery and the  Music composed by the legendary “J.O.B Music”, with many Gold Records in the Spanish Market and 4 big Hits created in the USA for the English Market, a Soundtrack including  Pop, Hip-Hop, Ballads and Jazz pieces, is about to impact the Film Industry as a Memorable Musical Film, in the vein of “WEST SIDE STORY”.

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"At the red carpet "2015 BEVERLY HILLS FILM FESTIVAL"

Punta del Este, Uruguay, it's a source of musical inspiration.  The beaches, the night life, the landmark, has inspired me to compose and it will in the future.

Wiht my old friend    Elgin McNeal

At the Beverly Hills Dining Room

Film Directors Paz Ochoa, Nick Cavalier and J. Pelegrin at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

              From  My Pics

With Brazilian Show Entrepreneur Daniela Brazil.

     My thought

The only truth is knowledge.
The only miracle is GOD!